World War 3, the CoD and Battlefield competition on PC, comes free on Steam with Twitch Drops rewards

Tom Henry

The shooter independent on PC they are always news, although we do not always see them completed. These seek to ...

New CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Has “Battlefield Mode” And Players Praise: “Feels Like An Upgrade”

Tom Henry

Various modes are available in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta for players to test. One of ...

EA sees Call of Duty’s Xbox exclusive as a great opportunity for Battlefield

Tom Henry

The competition between Microsoft and Sony hasn’t been as hotly debated for years as it was last time on the ...

An EA executive explains one of the main reasons why Battlefield 2042 was a failure

Tom Henry

Vince Zampella, co-founder of Respawn Entertainment, has granted an interview where he reviews various aspects. Electronic Arts is well aware ...

The new head of Battlefield believes that EA distanced itself from the saga with Battlefield 2042

Tom Henry

Vince Zampellaresponsible for the future of the saga Battlefieldhas granted an interview to Barrons in which he has spoken about ...

Warframe falls off the podium on Steam with a wave of opinions that bring the MMO closer to Battlefield 2042

Tom Henry

Warframe has become for many a bet essential within the free to play. The project that timidly started Digital Extremes ...

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