Elden Ring

Elden Ring Update 1.09 – FromSoftware should have fixed this bug by the DLC

Tom Henry

Players who rely on magic builds are unhappy with the new patch. A new patch for Elden Ring has recently ...

The 5 moments of Dark Souls, Sekiro and Elden Ring: pure epic RPG that only FromSoftware could achieve

Tom Henry

When people talk about Dark Souls, or FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki games in general, they tend to do so mainly ...

Remember the one helpful NPC in Elden Ring? He brazenly stole from you the whole time

Tom Henry

Elden Ring has no shortage of NPCs that are weird, scary, or mean. Friendly faces like the porter Gostoc are ...

Patch 1.07 for Elden Ring has been accessible

Tom Henry

Since last Thursday, patch 1.07 for Elden Ring has been accessible. With this update, From Software significantly modifies the fighting ...

Is Elden Ring 2 Coming? Why there is much to be said for a sequel

Tom Henry

That’s why Elden Ring should get a sequel What speaks for Elden Ring getting a second part is actually obvious: ...

The authors of Nioh want to contradict Elden Ring and rule out its arrival on Xbox

Tom Henry

Team Ninja believes that a more linear Souls-style approach still has a lot of potential. If you have played Nioh ...

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