in addition to gta vi, rockstar could announce another long awaited

In addition to GTA VI, Rockstar could announce another long-awaited game in the saga in December

Mike Clark

GTA VIwave next installment of GTA (remember that Rockstar Games has not yet revealed its title), it is in the ...

everything we know so far about gta 6

Everything we know so far about GTA 6

Tom Henry

Rumors point to a imminent release of GTA 6. Although we still don’t know anything about the game officially, leaks ...

'worth more value than it costs': gta 6 publisher explains

‘Worth more value than it costs’: GTA 6 publisher explains how a game’s price should actually be calculated

Tom Henry

GTA 6 is likely to be an extremely successful game and will cost around 70 euros – but what is ...

'gta 6' will be presented this week, according to 'bloomberg'

‘GTA 6’ will be presented this week, according to ‘Bloomberg’

Tom Henry

Jason Schreier, Bloomberg journalist and one of the most reliable sources in the video game industry, stated that Rockstar Games ...

'it robs millions of fans': industry expert is upset about

‘It robs millions of fans’: Industry expert is upset about GTA 6 leaks that are supposedly ruining everything

Tom Henry

There were many leaks about GTA 6 long before its release and the latest announcement didn’t really come as a ...

details of the supposed first trailer for 'gta 6' are

Details of the supposed first trailer for ‘GTA 6’ are leaked

Tom Henry

The comments around GTA 6 have skyrocketed over the past three weeks. We would even dare to say that at ...

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