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“Celebrate before dying”, the hidden rule of Super Mario 64

"celebrate before dying", the hidden rule of super mario 64

It seems that Super Mario 64 It continues to leave us news decades after its premiere. Today we bring you a detail that will undoubtedly be curious to you, although it is not present in the version of Super Mario 64 DS!

Super Mario 64

This is a peculiar detail related to the animations. In the video game, celebrating takes priority over character death. If Mario is in the middle of a celebration for getting a star and something should kill him at that moment, he becomes temporarily immune.

The effects of the item or situation that would cause your death are applied only after I finish celebrating. That is, the celebration animation protects Mario, preventing him from dying until it ends. This curious detail shows how the game gives the player a margin of grace during key moments, putting success above failure, even momentarily…


Here you can see it:

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