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Celebrate the perfect Halloween night with Resident Evil, Dead Space and more than 30 games loaded with action, horror and darkness

¡Halloween it’s here! Everything is filled with illuminated pumpkins, monsters, cobwebs and darkness. Every year, thousands of gamers just like you search for the best games to celebrate this spooky holiday. And precisely for this reason I offer you a publication loaded to the brim with action, fear, psychological terror and good tension.

  1. Perfect for Halloween.
  2. Recommendations of Esports Extras.
  3. Halloween Events in Video Games.
  4. More games to enjoy on Halloween.
Halloween Special 5

Perfect for Halloween

In this section you can find a list of perfect games for Halloween including my recommendations.

Resident Evil Saga

It doesn’t matter if you like the classic Resident Evil, the remakes or the most recent installments. The oldest deliveries (RE I, II, III) have zombies and puzzles, while the most recent ones (VII: Biohazard and Village) focus more on combat. In any case, prepare to have a terrifyingly good time.

Silent Hill Saga

Another great saga of classics (Silent Hill I, II and III, for example) that is being reborn and finding new fans thanks to the current trend of creating remakes. They are video games focused on psychological terror and survival.

The Evil Within I and II

If you are looking for psychological terror, action and paranormal events, then do not hesitate to accompany Ezekiel Castellanos in The Evil Within I and II. Get ready to live a paranormal experience through the subconscious and the nightmares of various characters. You’re not prepared!

Dead Space I, II, III

Terror in capital letters. Lock yourself in special ships plagued by alien parasites. You will not have a second of peace, not even in the elevators. They are experiences centered on action and survival. This is another franchise that is about to be resurrected thanks to the remake of its first installment.

The Last of Us Part I and II

These gems need no introduction. Put yourself in the shoes of Joel and Ellie in the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us. Everything is invaded by zombies (infected) and factions of humans without morals. Manage your inventory, upgrade your weapons and survive all the challenges imposed by its incredible story.

This is how the 13 most iconic horror movies and sagas made the leap to video games: from Halloween and Saw to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

days gone

Are you looking for huge hordes of (infected) spawns, an interesting story, long motorcycle rides and an amazing open world? Days Gone is the answer. accompanies Deacon St Jones and his motorcycle in an adventure full of action, drama and problems on the road. The night is your worst enemy.

7 Days To Die

What happens when you put together Minecraft Y zombie survival? Well, 7 Days to Die. You appear in a huge world (predefined or procedural) with a single goal: survive zombies, hunger, thirst and disease while improving your character’s abilities. You will be attacked by a huge horde every 7 days, which will increase. Make sure to fortify your base!


What is more terrifying than a space crash on a planet that won’t let you die? Returnal is a roguelike that puts you on a mysterious planet that doesn’t allow you to die. Shoot, upgrade, and learn your way through incredible monsters in fast-paced, colorful battles. If you die, you start over. Luck!

Death Stranding

If you fancy a quiet experience but with some really tense moments, then join Sam Porter Bridges on his adventure across the United States. He reconnects humanity by transporting packages, discovering incredible locations, managing your inventory, and unraveling the mystery behind the EV Invasion.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a video game multiplayer PvP that pits four survivors against a killer. The surviving player’s goal is to escape the area, while the killer player’s goal is to hunt down and kill all the survivors before they escape. “Let the game begin“.

Project Zomboid

I present to you the game zombie survival Y resource management definitive. In Project Zomboid you can die from a zombie bite, an infected cut after going through a broken window or a disease due to poor food care. Their isometric view and style make it unmistakable. One of the best options, without a doubt.


FromSoftware could not be missing from this list. Celebrate a perfect Halloween night by touring the Ticket Palace from Demon’s Souls Remake, the cities of Anor Londo Y yarnam from Dark Souls I Remastered and Bloodborne, the small town of Majula from Dark Souls II, the Furnace of the First Flame of Dark Souls III or the Middle Lands by Elden Ring.

Back 4 Blood or Left for Dead I and II

Same creator, same essence. Left for Dead features a simpler style of gameplay, while Black 4 Blood introduces a card system and lots of replayability. if you just want kill zombies by thousandshave fun with friends and have a few laughs, then have no doubt that these first person shooters are perfect for your Halloween night.

You didn't realize that GTA Online has sneaked Steven Spielberg into Los Santos for Halloween and it's genius

Recommendations of Esports Extras

In this section you can find up to three recommendations of each partner of Esports Extras. What will they have prepared for you?

Ruben Marquez

My colleague Rubén Márquez tells you everything you need to know about three very original, fun and varied games. Beware of his recommendations because you will see them in other publications!

Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective

That nintendo ds he bequeathed us several jewels that stayed to live in our hearts is not something that at this point can reveal to anyone, but if by some chance of fate someone let Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective escape in his day, this is as good a reason as any other to remind you of your mistake. A superb graphic adventure and one of the most original games ever released.

Halloween Special 1

Monster Prom

I’ve never been a big fan of dating games, but I must admit that the Barcelona studio won my attention with its spectacular visual display and a most entertaining party game formula. Highly recommended if you are looking for something different to play.

Halloween Special 2

Costume Quest

One of those gems that Double Fine gave us with the rise of Xbox Live Arcade along with titles like Stacking or Iron Brigade. A Halloween adventure in which to get costumes, become champions and complete missions with a most endearing artistic style.

Sergio Cejas (Beld)

Sergio Cejas likes vampires and the dark! I tell you everything you need to know about his three recommendations, which cover both single and multiplayer experiences.

V Rising

You wake up as a vampire, with nothing and thirsty for blood. Your goal in V Rising is to gather strength, build your empire from your castle, and progress through the open world while upgrading your character. You can play both solo and in multiplayer mode.

Alan Wake

We return to action-adventure and psychological terror. Put yourself in the shoes of novelist Alan Wake, who seeks to solve the mystery of the disappearance of his wife. The events of his latest novel come to life…even though he doesn’t remember writing it. Light is your best friend.


Vampyr is an action role-playing game set in London, 1918. You are Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newborn vampire and doctor looking for a cure for a disease that is decimating the population.

Juan Sanmartin

Juan Sanmartín has it very clear: nothing like the classics to make safe recommendations. He recommends three jewels that you must have in your library yes or yes. Don’t miss them!


This proposal unifies the frenzy of first-person shooters with an atmosphere of supernatural terror silent hill style. A mysterious military force infiltrates an aerospace complex. The elite FEAR team is the government’s response to this attack… but the mission hides much more than meets the eye.

Halloween Special 3


Are Miles Upshura journalist who goes to the asylum in Mount Massive after receiving an email that narrates strange experiments. Asylum and experiments. What can go wrong? The peculiarity of Outlast is that you cannot fight. Your only weapon is a battery-powered night vision camera and your wits to hide.


If you are looking for a platform game to spend Halloween night, this mysterious proposal could be the answer to your search. Its official description reads thus: “Persecuted and alone, a boy finds himself, without eating or drinking it, in the middle of a dark project“.


It was impossible to expect less from Frankie! His Halloween concept is a bit more colorful and cheerful, but no less scary. Bet on family and cinema, among others. He tells you himself.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Possibly, this is the only game on the list in which instead of suffering you will have a blast and you will even have a laugh, but it is undeniable that Luigi’s Mansion 3 represents that very essence of Halloween celebrations in which the entire community participates. family, including the little ones in the house. Did you know that it even has a multiplayer mode?


One of the best graphic adventures of the legendary Roberta Williams, of the last great stage of the mythical Sierra On-Line and of all time. Phantasmagoria borrows the clichés of haunted mansion movies and novels, and the fact that it was released in 1995 is outrageous. Now he who had retained and, setting aside the presentation of him, still has that that that can only be found in cult classics.

Alien Isolation

We are not only talking about one of the best video games based on the acclaimed film franchise, it is a true extension of it that will allow us to experience anguish and fear in our own flesh. Alien Isolation is a sci-fi horror game that lends itself to being lived with the lights off and guarantees that kind of substitutes able to stand up.

Outlast II

I’m sure you’ve played all the Resident Evil series and it is more than likely that you have managed to escape from Silent Hill. The next step is to enter the nightmare of Outlast. Red Barrels immerses us in a Survival Horror in the first person with a peculiarity: we have neither weapons nor more help than a video camera with night vision. One that, by the way, always runs out of batteries at the worst time.

See The Blair Witch Project is fine, but it is much better to tremble with fear with this survival horror in Unreal Engine 5

Halloween Events in Video Games

I have decided to reserve this section for those games that do not fit into the Halloween category because they do not have elements of terror, paranormal events, zombies, nightmare monsters, etc; but they have themed events that offer unique rewards.

More games to enjoy on Halloween

And so far all the recommendations for Halloween. Now it’s your turn: Which one are you going to choose to spend the night? Do you know any other game that should be on the list? I read you in comments.


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