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Chainsaw Man finally reveals the confrontation with the War Devil

It seems that the inevitable meeting has arrived…

In the recent chapters of Chainsaw Man we have gotten to know Asa Mitaka, a girl who has been possessed by the War *text muted*. Before continuing, we want to tell you that this article will contain spoilers., if you are a few chapters behind with the manga, we recommend reading it online through the MangaPlus by Shueisha service. In Chainsaw Man Chapter 104, War *text muted* finally meets his archenemy Chainsaw Man, but he most likely doesn’t even notice.

Poor Denji is going to great lengths to reveal his true identity in order to get a mate, from defending Chainsaw Man on a live stream to purposefully leaving his ID at a crime scene. After Yoshida foils his plan, he snaps and tells Yoshida that all he wants is a girlfriend, because what girl wouldn’t like that once they knew she’s some kind of superhero? Denji isn’t too picky about the type of girl he wants to date; any desperate person would be fine with him. And who better than the girl who had asked Yoshida out: Asa?

chainsaw man 104 war *text muted*

In chapter 104, Denji confesses to the War *text muted* that he is Chainsaw Man, however… it doesn’t have the expected effect.

Outside, while the three of them, Denji, Asa, and Yoshida, are outside together, they look like three friends hanging out at school. In fact, it’s heartbreakingly reminiscent of another trio readers have seen before in this opus. Perhaps in another life, if things had been different, the three of them, Denji, Power and Aki, could have been like this. Even though the interaction was brief, the school scene is enough to strike fear into the hearts of fans. Denji is not known for his intelligence and Yoru has already shown how manipulative and bloodthirsty she can be. In his attempt to have a girlfriend, he easily he could go wrong and tell the one person he shouldn’t that he is Chainsaw Man, which is exactly what happens. Unable to bear Asa speaking ill of him, Denji fiercely defends his alter ego, even going so far as to say that Chainsaw Man has a pure heart. He declares that he is the Chainsaw Man but instead of impressing Asa, he has the opposite effect on her and leads her to think that he is just a Chainsaw Man fan.

Ironically, Denji was only spared because logically the War *text muted* thinks the real chainsaw demon wouldn’t tell everyone his true identity. In fact, unless he transforms, no one would believe him. Yoru remained silent throughout the interaction, curiously. While it’s possible that she, like Asa, also thought that Denji was just talking nonsense, it is more likely that he read Denji’s words differently than his human vessel. As a War *text muted*, Yoru’s power comes from turning the people he considers his own into weapons. In his debut, he turned the teacher into a weapon because he was able to turn his affection for Asa against him. He tried unsuccessfully to ask Yoshida out and Asa turned her down when she suggested turning Yuko into a weapon.

The inevitable showdown between Chainsaw Man and the War *text muted*

If he were to believe Denji that he really is the chainsaw demon, the War *text muted* could try to make him his boyfriend, allowing him to turn Chainsaw Man into a powerful weapon like we’ve never seen before. Even if she didn’t believe him, turning it into a weapon would be beneficial to her anyway, as her goal is to turn many humans into weapons.

chainsaw man 98

The inclusion of Denji’s new antagonist in the second part of Chainsaw Man has been celebrated by his fans for the impression he left thanks to his power and momentum as War *text muted*.

At the same time, Yoru might not believe Denji. It was established in Chapter 55 that demons have a keen sense of smell. Denji was able to defeat Makima because she had only been interested in Chainsaw Man and not Denji, causing her to pay no attention to Denji’s scent. This could also be the case for Yoru. Because he has fought Chainsaw Man in the past, he would be more attuned to his scent than the human’s.. Like Denji, his scent might not have alerted Yoru to his alter ego.

Most readers would expect a meeting between the fearsome Chainsaw Man and the revenge-hungry War *text muted* to be dramatic and tumultuous. It might even have been followed by a declaration of war by the latter (pun intended). Not in a million years could anyone have guessed what would happen in Chainsaw Man Chapter 104, and the best thing is that none of the characters involved realize how close they were to danger.


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