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Changing the battery of your Apple device is now more expensive

Apple updated today the price list for those people who want to replace the battery from their iPhone, iPad or MacBooks out of warranty period. Specifically, the price increases affect all models equal to or lower than the iPhone 13. It must be remembered that the iPhone 14 released new prices, increasing all costs related to repairs. The price increase also affects all Macs and iPads that have already had their warranty expired and do not have AppleCare+ service.

Specifically, we are talking about a general price increase that moves between 20 and 50 dollars depending on the product, and the model. While Apple was transparent and had previously announced the price increase, this announcement took place in January. Specifically, in the midst of stronger inflation than the current one, not to mention the impact of the war, COVID, or the general rise in prices in the industry.

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Curiously, if we think a little, at the moment of truth Apple and Sony onlywith its PlayStation 5, have raised the prices of current products or services citing inflation problems.

If you have a relatively modern iPhone, replacing your battery with Apple costs 99 euros

iPhone 15 Pro A17 Battery

Specific, all iPhone 13 backwardshave seen how increased by 20 dollars the cost of replacing your battery. This causes the cost to rise to 89 dollars10 dollars less compared to the price of the iPhone 14. In USA, this means that replacing the battery of the iPhone 13, or lower, out of warranty, has a new price of 99 euro. For older iPhones, like 8 and below, the service is priced at 79 euros. The iPhone 14 remain at 119 euros.

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The most basic models have a battery replacement price of 149 euros (older models). The 4th Generation forwards, the price is 189 euros. The most basic 5th generation 109 eurosand the most advanced 219 euros.

Finally, the price of MacBook battery replacement has increased between 30 and 50 dollars depending on the model. If you have a MacBook Air, you will have to pay 185 euro. If you have a MacBook Pro you will have to pay 289 euro. Lastly, for the 2016 and 2017 12-inch MacBooks, the cost will be the same: 289 euro.


In addition to a greater benefit… Incentivize the contracting of AppleCare+?

Apple Battery MacBook Repair

Considering that AppleCare+ is priced at up to 89 euro for two years on iPhones, up to 79 euro for iPads, and up to 299 euro for three years on Macs, it is clear that the company seeks to encourage their hiring. In essence, this service allows you to enjoy expert technical assistance and device repairs Without aditional costs.

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What’s more, those mobile devices that have an AppleCare+ subscription, and the battery of your device is in good health. equal to or less than 80%users are eligible for a device battery exchange for free.


For his part, iFixit has announced that they have not raised prices of your batteries. Although of course, this is accompanied of multitude of tools for that person who wants to dare to open their device and replace the battery. Except for laptops, tablets or mobile phones, this substitution is more complicated.


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