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Charming New Distant Bloom Trailer

Distant Bloom is a lovely indie title that is coming to PC later this year. In it we are given the task of restoring a “desolate world” to turn it back into a flourishing and prosperous place, while discovering what has happened to it.

Developed by Ember Trail and published by Kinda Brave, now we get a new trailer that includes a lot of gameplay in which we follow “a group of Alters around the campfire as they remember another day of discoveries in Altra 3”.


This is what we can expect, according to the press release:

  • Explore a desolate world and restore its flourishing past with the power of plants.
  • Cultivate a new life by learning to care for a variety of alien flora. Play with the structures of the plants and create a thriving ecosystem.
  • Turn your harvest into recipes, tools, and items that you can use to build and upgrade your base of operations.
  • Bring your scattered crew together in a community where each member has their own story to tell.
  • Explore nature to discover the history of this strange planet. What – or who – left behind the bewildering ruins scattered across the land?
  • Change the world! Your actions will not only affect nature, but also the future of your crew.


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