Cheaper on Prime Day: the best Razer mobile controller is priced out

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The Razer Kishi controller for Android has a brutal price on Prime Day: only 47.49 euros.

Gamers have many platforms to enjoy video games. Consoles, computer and even mobile devices which has more and more users thanks to cloud gaming. Now, you need to have a controller compatible with Android or iOS to play comfortably. The best Razer controller to play on mobile is heavily discounted on Prime Day and it only costs 47.49 euros. It is the historical minimum price of this device that has never been so cheap like now. The price difference is more than 40 euros.

Amazon is celebrating prime-day, an exclusive promotion for subscribers of the service. Here you can find the best prime day deals day 1 which will last until October 12. There are huge discounts on many products like remote Razer Kishi for Android, one of the best options to play video games on a mobile. Without discount, it is a command that costs 89.99 euros and now you can save at least 42.5 euros. Likewise, Amazon highlights a 23% discount compared to lowest price that you have had recently.

Razer Kishi Controller for Android

The Razer Kishi controller for Android is only available for 47.49 euros

Razer Kishi Controller for Android

The Razer Kishi controller can be adapted to all mobiles

Is he best controller to play on mobile for various reasons, but especially for its design. It is made up of extensible sides that they mate perfectly to most Android mobiles and connects through the USB Type-C port Of the device. This allows for an ergonomic grip and much more organic than other media that can be purchased independently. The desEsports Extrasis quite flexible, turning the mobile into a portable console.

The controller itself is made up of clickable analog sticks, as well as the classic action buttons, directional pad and triggers. Everything you need for start to play on your mobile with much more precision and zero latency thanks to its connection. This same command is available also for iOS devicesbut it does not have such a generous discount applied.

Razer Kishi Controller for Android

With the current price of the Razer Kishi controller, it is inevitable to want to try it. So it only costs 47.49 euros on Prime Day that ends October 12. Until then, he has a very large discount that will allow you save between 14.50 and 42.5 euros.

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