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Cherry introduces completely new keyboards – one of them could be my highlight for gaming in 2023

cherry introduces completely new keyboards one of them could

Cherry presented new products at its event in Cologne. MeinMMO editor Benedikt Schlotmann was there and was pleasantly surprised by a particularly small keyboard: the Cherry MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless.

What’s new? Cherry presented several new keyboards and a mouse in Cologne:

  • The Cherry MX 8.2 TKL Wireless
  • The Cherry MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless
  • The Cherry MX 3.0S Wireless
  • The Xtrfy K5 keyboard range
  • The Xtrfy M8 Wireless, a new, very light gaming mouse.

The highlight should be the new wireless technology, which is used in all devices. According to Cherry, wireless technology is a completely new version of Bluetooth.

I was able to try out some devices from Cherry and Xtrfy in the Xperion Arena in Cologne. I especially like the Cherry MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless.

The Cherry MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless.

Mini sized keyboard could replace my TKL keyboard

What am I pleasantly surprised by? The switches of the Cherry MX-LP 2.1 Compact feel incredibly good under your fingers and are fun to play and write with. Low-profile switches are a bit faster than “normal” switches that are installed under most keys.

With three different connection types (Bluetooth, wired and wireless) and N-Key rollover for all buttons, important features are also included.

The official price is 139.99 euros. Based on my first impression, I find it quite appropriate. In addition, the price is a little below the competition: For the comparable Apex Pro Mini from SteelSeries you currently pay almost 200 euros.

Three new keyboards, the Mini in the middle.

What still makes me hesitate? For low-profile switches and the keycaps associated with them, I find them rather rare for a German keyboard layout (ISO-DE) and they are usually expensive. I had the biggest trouble back then with my G915 from Logitech, where the key caps broke incredibly quickly.

I can’t assess the battery life at the moment either. The competition here is between 30 and 50 hours.

What else was there to see? I also surprisingly like the new keyboards from Xtrfy (K5). Pleasant haptics and, above all, a good height, which can also be used well without a palm rest.

The new mouse is not surprising at first if you have already played with light mice from the competition (Razer, Endgame Gear or Glorious). At 55 grams, it is damn light and hardly noticeable at the desk. The manufacturer describes the battery life as “long”, but I can’t assess it in my short time.


More keyboards: By the way, my current keyboard highlight on my desk costs “only” 50 euros and is also a TKL model. I’m curious to see whether the new model from Cherry will now replace them:

Gaming keyboard for under 50 euros can’t be beat if you want robust hardware without annoying RGB lighting