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Chicharito will not participate in the Squid Craft Games 2

Last Tuesday, Komanche, Rubius and ale introduced to all participants of the Squid Craft Games 2. Up to 200 names offered live, 200 content creators who will fight to get the $100,000 of the prize pool. However, we have also found more than notable casualties. The first is the one we all know: Auronplay. He streamer Catalan confirmed days ago that I was not going to be present at the eventalthough both Komanche and Rubius confirmed that your place will be saved for a “just in case”.

Well, hours ago we also echoed a second low that caught many off guard, including Komanche himself. Is about Chicharito Hernandez, who was announced as one of the participants of this event. When it was announced, multiple Twitter accounts echoed the news and they published it. The footballer himself was the one who answered the account @dna40saying that this was something «completely false«.


Chicharito Hernández will not be in the Squid Craft Games 2

«This morning I spoke with Komanche to thank him for the invitation, but unfortunately I won’t be able to attend«. with those words, the ex of Real Madrid confirmed that he will not play the Squid Craft Games 2. It seems that they did not understand well what was going to happen and finally issued a wrong message in the live announcement of the participants.

As soon as you read it, Komanche replied to the mention, stating that it had come to him during the presentation and he was unable to read it. Everything indicates that the Mexican soccer player answered when the streaming presentation had already started and this prevented me from reading it before giving the announcement.

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For now, Squid Craft Games will launch on February 28. A priori we will find 198 participants taking into account the absences of Auronplay and Chicharito. However, we could always see any last minute announcementalthough for that we will have to wait for Rubius and Komanche to decide to comment on it.

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