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Children of the Worm, the second expansion of Back 4 Blood, is preparing for its imminent launch: these are all its news

You can now prepare your best weapons to eradicate zombie threats, because tomorrow the Children of the Worm expansion will go on sale, the second of Back 4 Blood, which is full of new features, as Warner Bros. wanted to advance with the launch trailer that you have posted.

This will leave us with a new campaEsports Extrasact that includes six chapters in which we will have to face a horde along the banks of the Kanowa River. There await new types of enemies in the form of humans camouflaged from top to bottom and armed to the teeth, so it will not be easy to kill them with so many zombies involved.

The games with the most zombies per square meter, from least to most undead

To the carnage will be added Dan the “Prophet”, a new Irish exterminator who proclaims himself the shepherd of the end of time and whose sole purpose is to save his flock, which has been kidnapped by these new adversaries. And best of all, in cooperative multiplayer only one person will need to have the DLC for the rest to join the party.

In addition, a good handful of weapons, eight exclusive character skins and another 12 weapon skins, accessories and cards will be added to the list of novelties. In short, action to give and take in this expansion that you can acquire individually or thanks to its season pass.

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