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China is switching Intel Arc A380s from PCs to laptops without permission

China is switching Intel Arc A380s from PCs to laptops

It was in 2022 when Intel launched its Intel Arc Alchemist dedicated GPUs, returning to the sector again after more than two decades since its last dedicated ones. When these arrived in stores, their prices surprised us for good, since they were relatively cheap compared to the rest of the rival graphics. However, in terms of performance they were quite mediocre and had many problems and bugs to solve. Now that a few months have passed, China has created its own version of the Intel Arc A380this time in MXM format for laptops and mini PCs.


The Intel Arc Alchemist correspond to the latest Intel dedicated GPUs that we were able to see for the first time in China. It was in this country where the film premiered exclusively Arc A380thanks to which we could see that his performance left to be desired. Back then in those early benchmarks, it was performing even below an AMD RX 6400 in games, all nonsense. The biggest negative aspect to take into account in Intel were its drivers, since the old games worked much worse than the modern ones. Fortunately, over time they were able to solve many of these problems, although today an A380 is only slightly more powerful than a GTX 1650.

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China adapts the Intel Arc A380 to the MXM format and puts them up for sale

Dedicated graphics cards are not only found in the PCIe format that we all know and use on PCs. There are also other formats such as MXM, which was used in laptops and some mini PC models that came out years ago. Although the idea of ​​power change the graphics card of our laptop came true with the MXM, the truth is that this format of graphics cards is no longer used. So, the last graphics we saw in MXM from NVIDIA were from the generation Pascal, who are now 6 years old. Although if we start to investigate, it turns out that the brand of laptops Clevo continued using this format and we can also see graphs of the generation Turing.

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Today we can say that the format is practically abandoned, although apparently there are still users who use this format to update their laptops or small PCs, because China continues to create MXM charts. The last of his creations is about the Intel Arc A380, thus adapting the desktop version to this format. In addition, it uses MXM 3.1 type-Athe latest version that is capable of supporting PCIe 4×8.


This Arc A380 for laptop has 6 GB and up to 75W consumption

Intel Arc A380 MXM Specifications

If we now go to see the specifications shown by the Chinese manufacturer that apparently is called LiNGiN according to the store, we see that it is exactly a desktop Intel Arc A380. Therefore, it has 8 Xe Cores Y 6 GB of GDDR memory6 with a speed of 15.5 Gbps and a 96-bit bus. It reaches a maximum speed of 2,000MHz and has dimensions of only 70x82mm. It has 4 ports to connect 3 HDMI and 1 DisplayPortin addition to supporting the video codecs H.265, H.264 and of course, AV1.

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Additionally, this Intel Arc A380 MXM has a consumption between 50 to 75W, so in terms of performance there will be no improvements compared to the desktop one. Finally, they indicate that it is compatible with the operating systems Windows 10, Windows 11 Y linux. Now, once the specifications have been completed, this graph is available for purchase at a price of 1,999 yuan, which is equivalent to about 270 euroshence cheap is not. However, since the Intel Arc A380 for PC was not a success in China, adapting it to this format for laptops may have better sales figures.


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