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China puts its first 24-qubit quantum computer up for sale

Quantum computing sounds to many people like something out of science fiction, more of the future. But quantum computers have been around for a long time and with each passing year they are becoming more powerful. Already in 2019, Google announced that it had achieved quantum supremacy to, shortly after, see how IBM accelerated its pace in creating the most powerful quantum computers. But in the face of all this, we forget about Chinasince the Asian giant can also compete and for this reason it has presented its 24-qubit commercial quantum computer.

In terms of performance, we might think that the world’s most powerful supercomputers are second to none. Thus we have the Frontier, which is considered the fastest computer with thousands of graphics and processors. However, it is completely humiliated when faced with complex calculations compared to a quantum computer. Unlike conventional computers that use bits and can only have be a 0 or a 1quantum computers use qubits and they can have both states at once. With this difference, quantum computing achieves solve problems in a fraction of the time that could take a supercomputer years.

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China makes commercial 24-qubit quantum computer

China Quantum Computer

Google and IBM are competing head to head to see who can achieve quantum supremacy and dominate this industry. But while these two titans show off their best quantum computers, China is also taking steps. The Chinese company Origin Quantum already warned a little over a week ago that they were creating a new kind of quantum computer. There was a lot of mystery around it and what little we knew was that the head of the company wanted to make a version for home use.

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Now we come back with news and it is not exactly that they have created a quantum computer for our homes, but if They have created one that they will be able to market. Its about Wuyuan of Origin QuantumChina’s first commercial quantum computer with a total of 24 qubit.

China is the third country in the world to create its own quantum PCs

quantum computer

We could consider that Origin Quantum is the one that is leading China to position itself as a competitor of United States and Canada. While it is true that today it cannot compete against the giants of Google and IBM, we cannot deny the fact that China has become the third country in the world that makes their quantum PCs. Now that you are in the age of quantum computing, the possibilities are endless, such as, would you be able to crack the encryption of a Bitcoin in 10 minutes. Although for this, they will have to exceed the number of 24 qubits that they have reached so far.

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But they already have a solution to this and it will be called Wukong, a more powerful quantum computer coming soon. This is because the Current Wuyuan was already delivered to its client more than a year ago, so it makes sense that the next generation will arrive shortly. As weird as it sounds, Origin Quantum is not yet sanctioned by the United States. We don’t know why, though they may not yet consider it a worthy rival to IBM and Google and aren’t worried.

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