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Chris Pratt Reveals Why Mario In The Movie Doesn’t Talk The Same As He Does In The Video Games

The Super Mario movie is almost here and all kinds of interviews from the original voice actors keep coming in.

Chris Pratt (known for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy) has made some statements about his dubbing in the film. He himself assures that he was very excited to be able to participate in the filmbecause he wanted to give a voice to the plumber, but he has encountered some obstacles.


Actually, in video games there are very few Mario voice notes, beyond Wahoo!, It’s a me! Let’s go! And I was trying to translate this into the dubbing of the film in a way that would fit the story, but it hasn’t been easy.

The video snippet here:

Mario’s dubbing will not have a strong Italian accent as it does in video games. When Pratt tried to sound like Mario, he didn’t come off well because of his New York accent.. We can assume that it is something really complex to do. Despite this, the film’s director assured that Pratt is perfect for Mario.

LikewisePratt added in other interviews that Mario’s characteristic It’s a me could have become irritating throughout the film. In any case, many users, after listening to some of the actor’s voice notes, say that they are satisfied that Pratt is chosen to play Mario.