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Clodsire and Quagsire in Scarlet and Purple – which is better?

Many were fascinated when they announced to clodsire in Pokemon Scarlet and Purplebeing this the regional form for Paldea de Wooper and its evolution Quagsire. The main difference can already be seen in its appearance, but there are other aspects that should be mentioned. Here we will discuss the similarities and differences between the two.

The types between clodsire Y Quagsire They are different. The first is a Poison and Ground type, while the second is Water and Ground. It is clear that both are adorable and much loved by users. Quagsire can be obtained in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple by trading a Paldea Wooper with an NPC in Pitcher City to get a Jotho’s Wooper and evolve it.


These are the differences and similarities between Clodsire and Quagsire

Both are quite similar in several aspects. So much clodsire What Quagsire they reach this evolution when they reach level 20 and have the same Ground type, as well as total stats of 430 and the ability Absorb Water. This ability makes them immune to Water-type moves and even makes them recover health points. They also share the hidden ability Ignorant, which causes it to ignore any changes to the opponent’s evasion, defense and special defense. Very useful and effective skills.

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Nevertheless, Quagsire It has been used more in the competitive in the previous generations. Secondly, clodsire It has hardly been used in Series 1 of Pokemon VGC of Scarlet and Purple. Quagsire has served as a barrier in competitive against those Pokemon that used movements that increased their statistics, all thanks to their ability Ignorant, but also for the attack Scald (Water) that he could learn by TM; in this way, it reduced the opponent’s attack. However, it is a movement that is no longer available for this Pokemon in this ninth generation.

While is true that clodsire has a special defense and higher hit points than Quagsire -although Quagsire also has a higher defense-, the regional form of Paldea loses on the offensive part. The only thing that stands out is its Toxic (Poison) attack, which poisons and gets worse in the following turns. Also, with a base stat of 60, clodsire it can be a pretty weak pokemon. Especially if we take into account that Quagsire he has a base stat of 85 on defense.

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It is worth mentioning that clodsire by standing out a lot in, as mentioned, health points and special defense, it can better fulfill its role as a defensive Pokemon. And being very resistant to the Poison type it can be especially useful. And if you add the object black mud He can increase his health points each turn, something that will come in handy as a Poison type and with so much HP.


Strengths and weaknesses

clodsire has more weaknesses: Water, Ice, Psychic, and Ground; in comparison with Quagsire that only has one: Grass, even though it is especially vulnerable to this type. Now, the Water weakness could be ruled out thanks to the ability absorbs water Which makes you immune to this guy. Although the truth is that the hidden ability Ignorant could be more efficient in competitive for this Pokemon. Likewise, the regional form of Paldea has one more resistance.

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On the other hand, there are other Poison and Ground type Pokemon that are more interesting than Clodsire in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple that can be used for competitive play, such as Amoonguss for Poison type or Gastrodon for Ground type. Although it is true that there is no other Pokemon in Paldea that is of the two types.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It was released on November 18, 2022 for nintendoswitch. In nintenderos you can read many other game guides that may help you.

What pokemon do you like the most? whatclodsire either Quagsire?


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