Cloud, Aeris and Tifa, more magical than ever with this Sailor Moon mod for FF VII Remake Intergrade

The costumes of some of the most iconic characters from the classic anime have been recreated.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Probably many years ago you chose your favorite magical girl from Sailor Moonbut if by any chance any of them were Moon Warrior (Sailor Moon) or Warrior Mars (Sailor Mars) and you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, you’re in luck, because the outfits of the two powerful heroines have reached FF VII Remake Intergrade thanks to a mod shared by ScreenRant.

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Of course, the suit could not be missing. Armando, the lord of the mask (Tuxedo Mask), to dress up Cloud. As usual, you have it available for download through Nexus Mods, and although we would like them to complete the cast, Barret is left out of the costumes, just like the INTERmission DLC characters, so no, Yuffie will not wear the Mercury Warrior outfit (Sailor Mercury).

The mod adds new weapons like the Holy swordwhich replaces the Buster Sword and the Eternal Tiara of Aeris replaces Arcane Sceptre. The truth is that, beyond the curiosity and the illusion that these outfits can do to the fans, the care with which they are designed is surprising, both the costumes and some details, hairstyles and weapons.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake has received interesting mods in the past, like the one that mimicked the still cameras from the original title. We were also recently able to enjoy a video where the curious ‘Tilt-Shift’ technique was applied, making the streets of Midgar look like a beautiful model. If you haven’t yet played the transition DLC that helps us to liven up the wait for the next chapter of the Remake, remember that our analysis of FF7R INTERmission is available at Esports Extras.

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