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Cloud9 punishes jockeys hard in ESL Pro League

third consecutive loss of Movistar Riders in ESL Pro League 16 against a spectacular Cloud9 who took advantage of his “less” good side on both maps. The USAquintet was greatly outmatched by the organization of NA both in Inferno (16-7) as in Poured (16-4). The riders have faced the three great teams of the group showing a level that has gone from more to less, but with the good news that MartinezSa is more than ready for this tier. Riders still have to compete against Evil Geniuses and Eternal Firebut it is almost impossible to pass to playoffs.

Cloud 9 decided to start as TT in Inferno and was strong offensively from the get-go. The organization of NA He came to put a 6-0 on the scoreboard, but he still increased it further with the 11-4 before the change of sides. Cloud9’s damage with utility and tactics were outstanding in each of the rounds to overcome a USAwall that was destroyed by SH1RO and interz. The USAstart on the terrorist side was promising, but it stayed that way. Cloud9 closed out Inferno with a resounding 16-7 in which SH1RO, HObbit and a successful interz stood out. Mopoz would be the USApiece that shone the most in the Italian neighborhood.

Vertigo was a recital by the quintet of CIS in all aspects. Movistar Riders won the pistols initial and did not score a round again in the whole side CT. Those of bladE made up the result a bit on the offensive side to say goodbye on match for a tough 16-4. Cloud9 showed to arrive very prepared to the confrontation reading all the tactics of the roster USAin each of the rounds. There was no option at any time or at the individual level, in which it could be slightly highlighted to alex and mopoz, nor collective. This initial 0-3 makes a place in the playoffs almost impossible, but it is important to beat the next two rivals to get a good feeling for the future.

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