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CoD MW2 players grind 600 hours for all weapon achievements – get small mini talisman

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 features tons of gameplay challenges to unlock cosmetics. Individual weapons offer precious metal skins or polyatomic camouflage. But what happens when you grind all your weapons to the brim?

Getting started in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is all about weapon levels. You quickly need the most important attachments, the strongest weapons and of course a fancy weapon skin.

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As soon as you have finished the weapon levels and the motivation for the shooter evaporates, the topic of “weapon mastery” comes up. For special tasks you get a batch of skins:

  • Base skins lead to gold
  • Gold skins lead to platinum
  • Platinum skins lead to Polyatomic
  • Polyatomic skins lead to Orion
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Each step requires more tasks to get to the next skin. Once you’ve done that, you can go one step further. To complete the full weapon mastery, CoD requires an additional 1,000 kills per weapon from you.


This brings emblems and calling cards with images of the corresponding weapons. Once you’ve done that for every single weapon in the game – including rocket launchers, knives and riot shields – there’s an extra reward waiting at the end of the grind tunnel. A small talisman.

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If you still need tips for weapon levels in CoD MW2, then start our video:


CoD MW2: 3 tips to quickly level up your weapons


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CoD MW2: Mastery reward is quite poor

A thread on Reddit got a lot of attention from a player who had undergone this mastery ordeal.

User “Anddree98” captions: “After almost 570 hours I finally have it. The Grand Mastery Talisman – after 1,000 kills with every single weapon, riot shield, rocket launcher and knife”:

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The thread gets 4,200 upvotes 3 days after release and is one of the biggest topics in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit this week. More than 850 comments show how much need for discussion this “reward” brings with it.

However, the biggest discussion in the thread is not about the talisman at all. Many users want to talk about the fact that Anddree98 has put almost 600 hours into MW2 since its release. He writes that he is on the road for work for around 11 hours on weekdays.

User “LazyAnonBoner” calculates that Anddree98 minus 7 hours of sleep, work and gaming would only have 3 hours a day to do anything other than play CoD. It is discussed whether this is even possible and what to think of it.


Whatever one might think of the performance, opinions on the Talisman are less controversial:

  • NBKDexx: “All that grind for a talisman… let’s hope Infinity Ward has an even better reward in store for you later.”
  • NorNed3: “That’s such a tough piece of work for an actual ‘not’ reward”
  • MeGustaBeni: “There should be a full refund for the ‘Grand Mastery’. And money for the emotional and psychological damage.”

Many in the thread agree that the reward and effort are disproportionate. Also considering how toxic some players get working on their weapon challenges.

There are many rewards on the way to the big grind talisman, but in the end there is only the small, flimsy talisman. What reward would you have given instead? Leave a comment on the topic.

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