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CoD MW2: professionals criticize the secret audio settings of the league teams – so you can use them too

With a secret audio setting you can enemies in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 perceive faster and more precisely. Two pros criticize Call of Duty League teams for using the trick, saying it’s just too powerful. MeinMMO explains where to find the setting and how to use it.

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Scump, one of the best CoD players of all time, sat down with Optic Gaming’s Shottzy on January 29th and commented on the CDL Major 2 qualifier. The two also spoke about the overall state of Modern Warfare 2, as well as the changes which should come to CoD and Warzone with Season 2.

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The two also talked about a hidden audio setting, the advantages of which are an open secret among the pro teams. What is meant is the loudness equalizer. This setting should make steps by opposing players much easier to perceive.

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Audio settings that make it easier for you to locate enemies? In the Warzone that would be a huge advantage! Check out the trailer for Al Mazrah here.


Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Launch Trailer


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Loudness equalizer makes it easier for you to hear enemy footsteps

What is Loudness Equalizer? Loudness is a term that comes from audio engineering. It describes how to set the volume that is appropriate for hearing.


What sounds complicated is actually a very simple principle. This means the equalization of different sound recordings so that they produce the same acoustic impression at different volumes.

An audio signal consists of different audio frequencies that have been mixed down for playback at a specific volume. If you now set your playback volume too loud or too quiet, this creates a different listening impression in each case.

The loudness equalizer ensures that in these cases, for example, bass, i.e. low frequencies, are boosted and can be heard more clearly in the audio mix. In Call of Duty, this in turn means that you can perceive steps, impacts or explosions more clearly.


How do I use the feature? If you are curious and would like to try the setting yourself, then follow these instructions. Note, however, that the Loudness option is only available for PC players. It is a setting in the Windows settings and not in the game itself.

  1. Navigated in your taskbar to the speaker icon.
  2. Right-clicking on the speaker icon opens a menu, selects the option sounds.
  3. In the next window navigate to Playback tabthen choose yours default device the end. Right-clicking here opens another menu, navigate to there propertiesn.
  4. Navigated to Enhancements tab and ticks the Loudness Equalization box. Then click Apply and OK.
  5. Close the menu and start Call of Duty.

If you want to undo the setting, follow the instructions up to step 4 and remove the checkmark again.

Scump and Shotzzy criticize audio design, discuss loudness equalizers

What do the pros criticize? A clip on Twitch shows Scump and Shottzy discussing the controversial take. They are particularly bothered by the fact that the setting is made in the Windows menu and cannot be found in the Call of Duty settings.

it sucks I’m not saying that’s why [gegen Las Vegas] have lost. But if you played earlier, maybe a team used the setting. Now they all use… people don’t need their own perception to perceive opponents anymore.

Shottzy, player at Optic Gaming


This leads to a lack of transparency – players cannot understand whether their opponents are using the setting or not. But the advantage is so huge that you would “troll” your own team if you didn’t do it.

The pros are addressing the core of the problem. It’s completely opaque who uses the setting and who doesn’t. The fact that this trick works exclusively for PC players shouldn’t necessarily make console players happy either. The developers could only remedy the situation with a corresponding option in the game settings.

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What do you think of the sound in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? Would you use the trick in the future to gain an advantage? Do you already use it? Or maybe you have your own method to better perceive steps and opponents? Leave us a comment and discuss with the community!

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