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CoD Vanguard: A €10 skin can’t keep your fingers on you, robs you of your sight

A Pay To Lose skin has been spotted in CoD Vanguard. With the Alley skin for the Arthur operator, you are almost completely blinded when aiming. Reason is a simple thumb. MyMMO tells you more.


In Call of Duty, all cosmetic skins should really only be there to give you aesthetic options.

Sometimes these skins are very simple color changes, other times, purchased skins allow you to blast as a famous rapper or anime goliath in WWII. There shouldn’t be a playful advantage or disadvantage, at least according to plan.

But now players have discovered a skin that even gives you disadvantages. Because if you shelled out the 10 € for the Battle Pass for Season 1, you also paid for a skin that robs you of your sight when aiming the bazooka.

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The finger from the premium skin will ruin the bazooka

The skin “Alley” for the operator Arthur comes from Season 1 of CoD Vanguard, but only now has a strange problem been found with him. Because this skin hides your sight when aiming with a rocket launcher. Here the famous bazooka has one finger too many, as this clip on reddit shows:

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So you can confidently call the skin Pay-To-Lose, because you have paid for content that gives you a clear disadvantage in the game.

What does Pay To Win mean? Arguably the most well-known example of a Pay to Win skin is the infamous Roze skin, which gave players unfair advantages in CoD Warzone.

Because your character was dressed completely in black with this complete skin, you could simply hide in dark niches of the map. Being able to remain undetected, even for a second, is a huge advantage in a game like CoD. That’s why the Roze skin was pay-to-win: who paid, won more easily.

C​a​l​l​ ​o​f​ ​D​u​t​y​ Vanguard Alley Skin
This Season 1 skin blocks your view with a thumb

Which does ______________ mean Pay To Lot? Pay-To-Lose is the exact opposite: A purely cosmetic skin gives you a clear disadvantage. This can be a skin that is too colorful and always catches the eye. In the case of the Alley skin in Vanguard, it’s a finger that sticks out so far that it almost catches your eye.

Because the finger rests differently on this skin than on other skins in the game for unknown reasons, your view will be blocked, especially with the bazooka. So you either don’t see where you’re aiming, or you accidentally aim through the wrong hole in the sight. Then, as one commenter wrote in the reddit post, you’ll “probably kill yourself.”

The developers have not yet made an official statement about this skin. After all, you can no longer purchase the skin – it was only available in the Season 1 Battle Pass, but the second half of Season 2 recently started.

Another kind of “pay to win” recently cost a professional player his career. Because he got unfair advantages in tournaments with bought cheats. Unfortunately, when he wanted to prove himself that he played cleanly, he achieved the exact opposite:


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