CoD Warzone: Bunker Code for Golden Vault – This is how you secure top loot now


There are now three Golden Vaults in Call of Duty: Warzone. Opening the vaults will give you high tier loot. MeinMMO tells you what you have to do to crack the Easter Egg.

What are Golden Vaults? Golden Vaults are vaults that promise high-tier loot when you open them in CoD Warzone on Rebirth Island. There are three of them on the map.

Opening the golden vaults will give you high tier loot such as legendary rarity weapons, armor, perks, and killstreaks.

How do I open the Golden Vaults? To open the Golden Vaults on Rebirth Island you have to follow a few steps:

  • Find 6 TV remotes with a red light on toilets in the prison block
  • press your interaction button on each remote to turn off the light
  • find the ringing phone in the middle of the prison block
  • listen to the code that the voice on the phone tells you
  • go to one of the three golden safes on rebirth island and enter the code

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The @ModernWarzone Twitter channel also has a helpful video showing you the steps in action.

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Finding Golden Vaults on Rebirth – Where are they on the map?

There are three locations on Rebirth Island for the Golden Vaults in Warzone. The first vault is located between the docks and the Bioweapon Labs on the northwest coast of the island.

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The second vault can be found on Rebirth Island below the factory (Factory).

The third and final Golden Vault is on the cliff face between the Stronghold and the Living Quarters.

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Warzone Rebirth Island Golden Vaults Locations
Warzone Rebirth Island Golden Vault: The Three Locations

Developers react to vault glitch: Opening the safes requires a few steps and therefore takes time. This is generally limited in Warzone due to hostile players.

However, some players found a way to get the loot through an unfair method without having to go through the necessary steps. To do this, they use vehicles that the developers have now blocked.

You can read everything about the glitch and how it worked on MeinMMO: CoD Warzone disables all vehicles on Rebirth Island.

The Golden Vaults are a good chance for players to get good loot in an extraordinary way. But in order to open it, it needs very special steps.

Do you think it is possible to open the vaults without a guide or are the steps to be performed too specific to be discovered in normal gameplay with enemy players?