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CoD Warzone: Ex-world champion wants to hunt down cheaters, has an eye on the notorious Twitch streamer

There is a big discussion about cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone. Twitch streamer Nadia Amine is suspected by many to secretly use cheats. Former World Champion Doug “Censor” Martin now wants to investigate. The topic polarizes the players.

What is the conflict?

  • People are obsessing over proving to successful 22-year-old Twitch streamer Nadia Amine that she can’t actually play Call of Duty.
  • When Amine had to play on a foreEsports Extrassetup at the “CoD Next” event, YouTubers made videos about how absolutely terrible the 22-year-old supposedly played “without her hacks”.
  • However, they took videos out of context and edited them in such a way that only one bad round by Amine was shown, but not the better rounds. The streamer explained she had some technical issues on that lap where she looked awful.

The streamer sees a sexist attitude in the criticism of her. “Boys” just can’t accept that a woman is better than them.

Twitch streamer is said to have cheated in CoD: Warzone, defends herself: “Accepts that a woman is better”

“She can’t do anything without her hacks!”

How’s it going? Essentially, there’s this narrative now: “The attractive woman can’t really act and it’s all just cheating.”

However, the streamer resists this impression, increasingly taking part in live events, for example playing Call of Duty with the e-sports organization “TSM” to prove that she is really “clean” (via twitter).

Nadia is in the crosshairs of many YouTubers.

But many fans stick with it: No, it’s only that good with cheats – without these cheats it’s bad.

Her defenders, on the other hand, make fun of the criticism and see it as sexism. How could Nadia cheat on a PC provided by TSM?

Anyway, at the moment everything is fine with Nadia:

Despite the allegations, she is a successful Twitch streamer, invited to events, and a valuable member of society. This seems to infuriate some, who are desperate to prove she’s just a “fraud.”

CoD Modern Warfare 2: PlayStation trailer for the beta

Former world champion wants to hunt down cheaters – Says he has secret information

This is the new level now: Former world-class gamer Doug “Censor” Martin is now 28 years old and more of a content creator than an esports enthusiast. He’s known to be quite a poser.

Censor is now committed to exposing “cheaters” in Call of Duty: He says he has a list of several people who have downloaded cheats in the last year and wants to unveil people now.

On September 27th, Censor tweeted: He had already caught a cheater in ranked play with “Tylierish” and will continue to deliver “Justice”. For now, however, he will focus his attention on Nadia (via twitter).

cod censor
Doug “Censor” Martin is on the hunt.

That’s behind it: Doug “Censor” Martin may not be a brilliant CoD player like he used to be, but he knows the CoD community inside out and what makes them tick.

A hunt for cheaters is a sure guarantee for many views. And if you are already chasing cheaters, then you can also bring the name “Nadia” into play – people are there immediately.

The first players warn Nadia: “Doug will get you.”

Since the release, CoD has had a problem with cheaters:

“CoD needs to fix this or Warzone will be dead in a week”


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