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Code to increase the difficulty in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon

code to increase the difficulty in bayonetta origins: cereza and

As we said in our review, Bayonetta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon is a ‘lovely’ game from PlatinumGames accessible to all audiences. This means that it does not have the difficulty of some of his other works and many fans of Bayonetta they could pass the same for that. Fortunately for those looking for an additional challenge, the company has released a code that increases the difficulty of Bayonetta Origins.

Bayonetta Origins difficulty code
The story of Cherry in the Avalon Forest is a dark fairy tale.

This difficulty is unlocked by completing the game’s story for the first time. However, with the code you can immediately access it just starting Cherry’s adventure in the Avalon forest. Director Abebe Tinari revealed the so-called ‘Platinum code’ that activates the ‘Forbidden Tale’ difficulty in Bayonetta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon.


To do this you must go to the home screen and simply press ↑ ↓ ← → XBYA. The formation is like two number 4s backwards. When you complete the code you will hear a sound and you will have activated the greater difficulty of Bayonetta Origins for Nintendo Switch.

In the ‘Forbidden Tale’ difficulty, you cannot use the accessibility aids in the options menu, the enemies are more numerous and cause more damage. Regardless of the difficulty, Bayonetta Origins It is a great complement to the Bayoverso and an installment that defends itself with its own attractive style.

Source: PlatinumGames YouTube