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Community petition to Riot for champion select

Over the years, League of Legends has evolved to provide greater fun for all players. Through game modes or different tools, Riot Games wants all its users to always have a good time with the MOBA. Some of these functions are simply there for make the players have a good time. We had a clear example on that occasion when Riot updated the splash arts of some champions for April Fool’s Day.

Well, now several players have requested a new tool from Riot Games to make the champion select phase much more dynamic. It’s been through subreddit from League of Legends and the idea is to add an option that allow to play with a random skin or hide all aspects that the player does not own. In this way, we can play with a skin without knowing what it is or, on the other hand, we will not have to go through all the ones that we do not own.

The petition for champion selection

According to these players, some champions have a lot of skins and with this function they will always be able to play one of them without having to choose on their own. Characters like luxury, Miss fortune either ezreal meet these requirements. Therefore, adding a button to play with a skin randomization of all the ones they have could be an interesting method to have an easier choice of cosmetic. Even hide those that you do not own, thus eliminating having to go over all of them for no reason.


However, several players acknowledged that see them skins that you don’t have during champ select is a great way for Riot Games to advertise them. In this way, we are faced with an idea that Riot Games should not implement in the short term, but that perhaps in the future they will consider at some point.

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