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comparison of performance, consumption and efficiency

We start the morning with news that, without a doubt, interests us, since they are leaks of the possible consumption Y efficiency that they will have RTX 40 vs the RTX 30 current. Thus, we can get an idea of ​​​​if it is really worth thinking about buying a new generation graphics card.

If you have been investigating a minimum in the world of graphics cards in recent years, you will have seen a clear trend towards greater consumption. In fact, the latest generation of NVIDIA That resulted consume relatively little bitwe could say that they were the GTX 1000 series, before the arrival of the RTX and the popular Ray Tracing. Despite the fact that consumption has increased, power has also increased to a great extent, so efficiency is not as dire as many paint it. Even so, the new generation of GPUs is just around the corner and they make us doubt the latter. Therefore, nothing better than a table of specifications to see which way the trinity of the powerthe consumption and the efficiency in the RTX 40.

They create a table of the power and consumption of the RTX 40 vs RTX 30

Table Specifications Consumption Efficiency RTX 40

The popular information leaker @ harukaze5719 has collected all possible information from other leakers such as greymon55 or kopite7kimi, to create a complete RTX 40 specifications table. Here, we have all the known data of the future RTX 40 graphics, both its CUDA cores, its amount of memory, cache, bandwidth, everything basically. So this same table can serve as a guidewith the particularity that it is updated today, with the latest rumors about these NVIDIA graphics.

We find like this, information of the RTX4050 up to an RTX 4090 Ti or even a future GPU from the TITAN range. Ignoring the technical specifications of all these, if we go to the lower section colored pale yellow, we find what probably interests us the most, power and consumption.

The RTX 4090 is the GPU that has gained the most performance in this generation

NVIDIA RTX 4090 Fake

On the one hand, the power will be displayed using two metrics, the TFLOPs and benchmark score Time Spy Extreme (TSE) and consumption will be what we know from rumors. So we have the top of the range”TITAN” with 103.22 TFLOPs and a score of 24,000 points in Time Spy Extreme, yes, with a consumption of Theoretical 800W. This ends up being a 112.39% higher to an RTX 30 of this range. Since there is no RTX 3000 TITAN, an RTX 3000 TITAN has been used instead. RTX 3090Ti. Something more comparable would be RTX 4090 with 90.11 TFLOPs, 20,000 points in TSE and a consumption of 450/600W. Is beats to RTX 3090 in a 96.08%which is impressive.

From here, yes, the trend is downward and we see a RTX4080 being a 57.3% greater than one RTX 3080 with 14,000 points Y 340W. then we have a RTX4070 with 11,000 pointsresulting in a 61.76% more performance than a RTX 3070 with a consumption of 285W. After this, we have to go down to a RTX 4060Ti that exceeds one RTX 3060Ti in a 50.88%because it offers 8,600 points with a consumption of 275W. In this case, we see the first drop in power/consumption and therefore its efficiency will be lower as we will see later.

Finally, we find what is probably the most popular among gamers, the RTX 4060. This comes with a consumption of 230W and a 50% faster what a RTX 3060achieving 6,000 points in TSE. Unfortunately, we find that as we go down the range of the RTX 40, the difference in power with the previous generation is less. Even so, if these leaks were fulfilled, we would talk about a fairly large performance improvement.

The efficiency of the RTX 40 impresses despite consumption

RTX 40 Efficiency Graphic Consumption

Having analyzed the power and consumption of these, let’s proceed to see the relationship between these two parameters. We will thus see a new table with an attached graph, which allows us to see in what position the RTX 40 vs. the RTX 30 are located in terms of efficiency. For this, it has been used the Time Spy Extreme score divided for energy consumption according to specification TBP (Total Board Power). Thus, the higher the number of points per watt consumed, the better the efficiency. With this, all those who doubted that the new generation was not going to be efficient due to high consumption, were wrong, with some buts.

And it is that, the efficiency increases enough, but only in the high endWell, if we go down from an RTX 4070, the differences are minimal. So starting with the RTX 4090with a consumption of 450WThis is a 52.5% more efficient what a RTX 3090getting 44.4 points per watt. On the other hand, if it finally consumed 600W, it would achieve only 33.3 points. We turn to another graph that surprises, the RTX4080what is a 57.3% plus efficient that RTX 3080using a TBP of 320W. We go down one more step and we find an RTX 4070 that already loses performance per watt. And it is that, with a consumption of 285W, it is 24.9% more efficient than an RTX 3070.

The RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 barely improve power per watt consumed

NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti Render

The good news ends here, because with the RTX 4060Tionly one can be achieved 9.7% more performance per watt according to the RTX 3060Ti. And it is that, this only achieves 31.3 points compared to 28.5 points for a 3060 Ti. This is due to the high consumption of 275Wwhich is just 10W less than the RTX 4070. To this, let’s add the loss of performance compared to the latter and thus we have this unimpressive result. Finally, the GPU of choice for most gamers for years, the RTX 4060repeat that play again.

Although it offers a much higher performance than the last generation, this one has a consumption of 230W. This was a typical consumption of the XX70 series, but now it seems that the beginning of the mid-range will have it. Thus, it only achieves 26.1 points per watt, the lowest value of all the RTX 40. In comparison, the RTX 3060 offers 23.5 points per watt, a fairly close value. That is why the 4060 can only be a 10.9% more efficient than the last generation, something that disappoints us, as it will be the best seller.

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