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Complete Bethesda lineup leaked: You’ll probably get these 11 new Xbox exclusives

complete bethesda lineup leaked: you'll probably get these 11 new

Bethesda is now part of Microsoft and plans for Xbox exclusives have leaked as part of the FTC negotiation.

Today there is one Xbox leak after another: After we have already received some possible information about the upcoming Xbox consoles and the exclusivity of The Elder Scrolls 6, there is now a big leak about the upcoming game lineup from publisher Bethesda. There are apparently at least eleven upcoming Xbox exclusives in the works.

Bethesda is apparently bringing these games onto the market soon for the Xbox

Huge leak: As part of the court hearing between Microsoft and the antitrust authority FTC (over the planned Activision Blizzard King takeover), tons of internal documents were made public. Among other things, Bethesda’s plans for the next and past years.

These games should probably come:

  • Fallout 3 remaster: The open world classic could get a new edition.
  • Elder Scrolls Oblivion Remaster: The same goes for Bethesda’s venerable Skyrim predecessor.
  • Doom Year Zero: Apparently Bethesda is working on a successor to Doom Eternal and this sequel will also receive several DLCs.
  • Ghostwire Tokyo sequel: Ghostwire Tokyo will probably get a successor.
  • Dishonored 3: Arkane is apparently already working on a new part of the popular Dishonored series!
  • Play to a licensed IP: Of course, this could be anything.
  • Indiana Jones: The upcoming Indiana Jones game could be the next big Bethesda title to be released.
  • The Elder Scrolls 6: Here there is a possible release date in 2024, but there is already a more recent leak that mentions 2026 or later.
  • Project Kestrel: We don’t know what exactly is behind the code names, but according to the leak, at least Project Kestrel will receive an expansion in the near future.
  • Project Platinum?
  • Project Hibiki?
  • Mobile and Free2Play: In addition, several games for iOS and Android are also listed in the leak.

Here you can see an overview of the whole thing with more information:

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How old is the leak? Apparently the information is no longer completely up to date. At least this plan still says that Starfield should appear in 2021. Which – as we know – didn’t work out at all, resulted in the year 2023. The Elder Scrolls 6 will probably be released as an Xbox exclusive and also much later, in 2026 at the earliest.

Accordingly, many others are likely to do so too Data and plans from this overview have been neatly moved have. Of course, it is not certain whether all of these titles will actually appear or whether, for example, Ghostwire: Tokyo will not receive a successor. Dishonored 3 could also be on rather shaky ground after Arkane’s Redfall (even if it involves different teams).

Bethesda and Xbox fans should definitely be licking their fingers for a Fallout 3 and Oblivion remaster. A new Doom will most likely be received with a kiss by the players of the two very successful predecessors.


We are of course extremely excited to find out what lies behind the three project code names. The same applies to the ominous licensed game that is probably being worked on behind closed doors – the possibilities are almost endless.

What are you most looking forward to about it? What do you suspect behind the code names and what kind of licensed game do you want from Bethesda and Microsoft?

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