‘Completely blown away’: Starfield player has to watch how his ‘ex-wife’ wipes out the entire constellation in the 3rd New Game+

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'completely blown away': starfield player has to watch how his

Starfield lets you hook up with various NPCs, for example Andreja.

Starfield does a lot of things differently with its New Game Plus mode than we are used to in most games. Normally in such modes you can simply start again from the beginning, but you already have all the unlocks such as skills and the like. In Starfield, however, there can be really big surprises that turn everything upside down – as this player reports here.

ATTENTION, SPOILERS follow for the New Game Plus mode in Starfield!

Starfield – 3. New Game+ makes fans’ jaws drop to the maximum

That’s what it’s about: If you start a New Game Plus in Starfield, you will lose all your spaceships and weapons. But you will be transported into a parallel universe in which some things may have developed differently than you previously knew. Redditor AntiChris_666 experienced one of the most drastic changes.

“Completely blown away”: The Starfield fan reported in a detailed Reddit post how much Starfield surprised him, only on his third New Game Plus playthrough, i.e. his fourth overall.

That happened:

  • In the first round the Starfield player missed the entire UC faction questline and married Andreja. At the end of the main story he finished the game and started an NG+.
  • In the 2nd playthrough Then it was time for the United Colonies quest series and some other missions. The second round was completed after a total of around 100 hours.
  • The 3rd run wanted to get AntiChris_666 done as quickly as possible. Accordingly, only the artifact quests were done and in the end the Starfield fan decided to side with the Hunters.
  • The 4th round should be a relaxed, detailed and perhaps even truly complete playthrough.

But then everything turned out differently: When AntiChris_666 entered the doors of the lodge, Andreja, his wife from the first passage, was waiting for him, along with some Va’Ruun fanatics. Andreja explained to him that she had hunted down and killed every single member of the Constellation because the artifacts were heresy.

He then spontaneously decided to get a weapon from the basement of the lodge and send Andreja to the eternal hunting grounds.

“And now I’m sitting here in what was supposed to be my 100 percent run and the Constellation has been completely wiped off the map.

So I’ll rush to Unity again and hope for a better universe in New Game Plus 4. I’m not even angry. This is fantastic!”

It’s even worse: Many other Starfield fans report on their New Game Plus experiences in the comments. One of the craziest options even lets you meet a character who is yourself. So you can actually roam the area with yourself as an NPC companion.

Have you tried the New Game Plus in Starfield yet? What has changed for you?

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