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Concept images of Krafton’s unannounced project leak

Since a first trailer appeared back in September, we haven’t had any news about Krafton’s mysterious and yet attractive secret project.


Until today we only knew what we had seen in the trailer and the little information that appeared then: That it would be an action game developed with Unreal Engine 5, based on the Korean fantasy novels The Bird That Drinks Tears, and that it is in development by studio Team Windless.

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But now, thanks to the Reddit forum, we have been able to take a look at some concept sketches that were supposed to be from the game. The clue to associate them with The Bird That Drinks Tears is the architecture similar to that of the Angkor Wat temples, and at modeling of the sword carried by the character that appears in some of them to put into perspective the size that the buildings or objects will have on the screen.

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The Bird That Drinks Tears

The Bird That Drinks Tears (tentative name) remains one of the biggest mysteries of the 2022 announcements, but we hope to hear more in the new year, although Krafton is still without a word. In the meantime, we remind you of the first trailer, which you can see below.

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