Confirmed the first game that will arrive at Game Pass in 2024 – Xbox

Confirmed the first game that will arrive on Game Pass in 2024

It is ironic that we are starting 2023 and we already have news of 2024, but hey, it always goes well to plan launches. So good, today we have a new game to announce and you can put it on your to-do list because the truth is that it looks really good.

This is Magical Delicacy, a game that although it has not been fully specified, it seems that it will have some kind of exclusivity on Xbox consoles. As you can see from the trailer, it is a Esports Extras art quite successful, with many options in its gameplay. You will play a young witch named Flora in a “culinary experience” with touches of metroidvania.

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Magical Delicacy arrives next year on Xbox and Game Pass

Regarding when the game will arrive, the truth is that there is no fixed date, it only marks 2024 in its official announcement that I leave below, so we have to wait a little longer.

A wholesome Esports Extras art platformer. Cook magical delights from a wide collection of ingredients in your very own shop. Explore an unknown city and deliver tasty treats to the townspeople. Learn new ways to traverse, discover secrets, and experience a unique witchy world.

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