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Connection PlayStation Show returns this afternoon with a renewed second season

connection playstation show returns this afternoon with a renewed second

Sony Interactive Entertainment USA (SIE) has announced through a press release that Conexin PlayStation SHOW, the entertainment and video game program, premiere its second season this afternoon at 7:00 p.m. (USApeninsular time) on the official PlayStation USA channel on Twitch.

This first program has as the guest of honor Anna Guxens, senior RPG designer at Larian Studios, authors of the recent mass success Baldur’s Gate 3than visiting the plat to talk about the desEsports Extrasprocess of the video game based on the Forgotten Realms which has already conquered thousands of players around the world.


The second season of the show, which launches a spectacular new plat simulating the interior of a PlayStation 5to be a weekly event focused on news in the video game sector on the national and international scene, and to feature personalities from the world of development, streaming or cinema among others. As usual, the program will be presented by the already regulars Revenant and Maya Pixelskaya, as well as the pianist and streamer Elesky, who is launching a musical section to analyze video game soundtracks.

New sections of the second season

Maya Pixelskaya will also debut her own section, Nobody at the wheelin which analyze recent history that often appears as a guide in some titles. Likewise, the section Revenant’s Garage continue offering a space for global studios and indie developers to learn about the surprising national and international proposals from their creators.


As if that were not enough, viewers will also find the fun section Beyond the Piu Piuby illustrator and streamer Isaac Sánchez where the collaborator comment on curiosities and references of video games beyond their borders and their connections with other arts. This season we will also have director of photography Pol Turrens (Polispol) and his section Professor Polwhere you can bring the technological news about cameras and other Sony accessories ideal for streaming.

How can I attend the Conexión PlayStation Show as a public?

From PlayStation USA they remind us that to attend the shows as a public every Wednesday in Alcobendas (Madrid) you only have to write a message to @PlayStationES through x to request a seat. Also, to attend the shows as a public every Wednesday in Alcobendas (Madrid), you can request your seat in this form.