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Control for PC and Android TV Box very cheap, from GameSir and with free shipping

Tablets and mobile phones Every time they are used more to play and there are not a few titles that also offer a mobile version as competent as its version for consoles. Y in those games where strategy and action are fundamental, it is necessary to have a good controller at hand to enjoy a competitive advantage.

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There are many mobile controls to choose from, but today we bring you one of the cheapest: a GameSir T3 controller, which can be yours for only 23 euros on Aliexpress. And with free shipping!

Game Sir T3

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The GameSir T3 controller is a wireless controller designed to play on PC and Android mobiles, as well as Android TV devices. It is designed in imitation of the classic Sony DualShock controller, so ergonomics are guaranteed, although the buttons have the typical Xbox nomenclature.

the knob features linear, pressure-sensitive R2 and L2 triggersso you can control the level of speed or force based on the pressure you exert, a feature that is usually omitted in cheap controllers, but not in this one.

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It also boasts dual asymmetric vibration motors. and they support vibration adjustment, so you can choose from three levels that control the intensity of the rotors. For this, you have a Turbo button.

In terms of connectivity, this command works thanks to a 2.4Ghz USB wireless receiver on PC and via Bluetooth on Android. It also supports USB wired connection. Regarding compatibility, is compatible with PC, Android and Android TV devices, not with consoles. All this with an autonomy that guarantees 40 hours of continuous use.

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Why the new GameSir X3 is the best mobile wireless controller in 2022

Game Sir X3

This controller is ideal for you if you want a cheap and reliable option to enjoy your favorite games on PC and Android from the comfort of your sofa, or with a significant competitive advantage. Remember: it only costs 23 euros on Aliexpress and with free shipping.

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