cooling system that hides your RAM memory

Tom Henry

cooling system that hides your ram memory

He Jonsbo NF-1 It is a cooling system for your RAM memory. Of course, at the desEsports Extraslevel, your RAM will disappear from the computer. If you have bought some expensive memories, attractive in desEsports Extrasand with RGB, you may no longer be interested in this system. If it is the opposite case, you can improve the visual appearance of your system paying very little money.

In essence, we have an aluminum support with two anchors. These are bolted directly to the mounting holes on the motherboard itself. A configuration is integrated on this aluminum support double fan. To hide it all, we have a cover with a metal mesh desEsports Extrasto facilitate airflow.

This is how the Jonsbo NF-1 cooling system looks up close

Jonsbo NF-1 in black and white

As can be seen, the cover offers a quite attractive design. This will also be a plus for handymen. From the factory, the Jonsbo NF-1 It can be bought in black and white, but the interesting thing will be in the most skilled users. These could polish and paint everything to match your system. For example, paint it red, blue or yellow, to add a color that stands out more, or to match the rest of the components for a more attractive internal design.

At the specification level, it all translates to the fans. These offers a PWM designwhich gives them the ability to work in a range of revolutions between 600 and 3,600 RPM. This results in a flow of air between the 1.90 and 9.11 CFM at maximum turning speed. Regarding static pressure, we are talking about each fan offering between 0.17 to 1.6 mmH2O. At the loudness level, yes, small and fast means noise. Specifically, each fan will generate a loudness of 22.4 dBA at maximum turning speed.

Jonsbo NF-1 installation

Obviously, all this is a few centimeters from RAM memory. This thus benefits from a direct air flow that will help reduce temperatures. Of course, the company did not provide any performance tests, so we really do not know how many degrees the temperature will reduce. Now, no current RAM memory module suffers from performance problems due to overheating. In this way, you have to see it more as a mere aesthetic element of the system, than an own cooling system itself. If you add to this that integrates RGB LED lightingWell, you already complete the combo.

A product to consider?

Jonsbo NF-1

Based on the fact that RAM memory does not require an additional cooling system for optimal operation, the clear and direct answer is no. Now if you see it as a design-level element, and more in case you have RAM memories that are not attractive, or do not match the rest of the system, it is always an option. Not to mention also hiding those DIMM slots that aren’t occupied by modules.

Now we must add that although the price was not announced, they will be very cheap. At the moment of truth they are not dissipators, but a simple support to hold some fans that project air directly. That is why it will be able to roam among the 15 or 20 euros no problem. An affordable price at the level of improving the visual aspect of the system. And also, if you get a temperature improvement, well, that’s what you get.

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