Core Keeper, one of the indie surprises of the season, announces date and console versions

Mike Clark

core keeper, one of the indie surprises of the season,

Pugstorm and publisher Fireshine Games have announced that Core Keeper leave PC Early Access in summer 2024. Coinciding with this date, the game will arrive in version 1.0 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. We show you their new trailer.

It is a mining-themed game in which we explore a cavern in search of a mysterious relic. Surviving in these procedurally generated underground depths won’t be easy: In addition to resources and treasures, there are hostile creatures.

Alone or in company – there is cooperative for up to eight players– The main task will be to obtain resources and relics to make utensils, build a base that provides us with security and feed the core. There are also various cooking systems and for growing plantations.

One of the most recent indie hits

Shortly after releasing in Early Access it became one of the surprise games of the season -has sold more than 2 million copies- for its combination of elements extracted from Terraria, stardew valley and Minecraft. At Vandal we played it and said that “the feeling of progression is constant and very satisfying, the experience of discovering new places is extremely rewarding and its gameplay, although it consists of performing a series of tasks that could be considered repetitive, is downright addictive.”

“Let’s hope that future updates, which will include more options for creation, new game mechanics, environments, enemies and additional story elements, will help to enrich the experience and squeeze out the potential of a proposal that could become without too many problems in one of the most popular independent titles on the current scene“.

Core Keeper announces release versions on consoles and PC

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