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Corsair announces iCUE LINK, its new ecosystem that promises better cable management

corsair announces icue link, its new ecosystem that promises better

CORSAIR, the world leader in high-performance equipment and systems for gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts, today ushered in a new era in simplified, self-contained, and intelligent PC building with the introduction of the iCUE LINK ecosystem of intelligent components.

iCUE LINK changes the way seasoned PC builders and newcomers alike build their next PCs, with patent-pending single-cable technology that will reduce the time to build and set up a new high-performance PC by up to 50%, while drastically improving cabling organization. No more tangled cables, connection hubs, PWM and RGB splitters cluttering up your chassis, all thanks to the unprecedented simplicity and power of iCUE LINK.

A microcontroller embedded in each iCUE LINK component acts as a “brain” that communicates with the System Hub, enabling a generational leap in system intelligence and opening up exciting possibilities, such as the new RGB Time Warp lighting mode that it uses a strobe effect to simulate fan blades being stationary or spinning backwards, and individual fan response curves to optimize noise and performance like never before.


With a wide range of products like fans, AIO coolers, custom cooling components and much more, iCUE LINK makes building a PC fast, easy and clean. All iCUE LINK devices can be daisy chained to the System Hub, device to device. With these reversible universal connectors, you’ll never have to organize a search for the right cable, splitter or adapter again.


The first wave of iCUE LINK products, launching in June 2023, will include all-new AIO fans and coolers, as well as the System Hub. The patent-pending QX120 and QX140 RGB are the world’s first fully digitally controlled fans, equipped with a patented magnetic dome bearing, digital temperature sensor, and quad RGB light loops.

The new iCUE LINK RGB series of high-performance liquid CPU coolers feature stunning lighting and hidden cabling for a clean look.

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