Corsair Announces the Arrival of iCUE LINK to Custom Cooling with the New Hydro X Series

Corsair anuncia la llegada de iCUE LINK a la refrigeración personalizada con el nuevo Hydro X Series

Tom Henry

Corsair Announces the Arrival of iCUE LINK to Custom Cooling with the New Hydro X Series

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CORSAIR, the world leader in high-performance gear and systems for gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts, today introduced the next generation of its Hydro X Series custom cooling products, built on the revolutionary iCUE LINK ecosystem.

With the new ELITE range of liquid cooling blocks for CPUs and GPUs, pump/reservoir packs and much more, Hydro X Series uses iCUE LINK to make creating a custom cooling loop easier than ever.

Using a unified cable standard, iCUE LINK now supplies both component power and digital communications to every device, from RGB and RPM control to temperature probes. As if that weren’t enough, the new Hydro X Series components are now intelligent, integrating individual microcontrollers that manage and report performance and temperatures to the hub and iCUE software. iCUE LINK’s reversible connectors on all components greatly simplify the rig build construction process, making the hobby of self-assembly more attractive and accessible to everyone.


The iCUE LINK XC7 RGB ELITE CPU Liquid Cooling Block also features a new and improved Hexa-flow cooling engine, with a desEsports Extrasthat takes advantage of laminar flow to ensure improved cooling throughout the CPU and its cores. A nickel-plated copper cooling plate with over 120 high-efficiency micro-cooling fins directs heat away from the processor, and an integrated temperature sensor allows fine-tuning of cooling control. Enclosed in a transparent nylon flow chamber, the 24 RGB LEDs deliver mesmerizing images that match the cooling performance of the iCUE LINK XC7 RGB ELITE. With tool-less installation into Intel LGA 1700 and AMD AM5/AM4 sockets, plus pre-applied CORSAIR XTM70 high-performance thermal paste, it’s the centerpiece of your custom cooling loop.

For those who want to further customize their system, the iCUE XC7 RGB ELITE LCD CPU Liquid Cooler Block shares the same desEsports Extrasand cooling performance, plus features a crisp 2.1” 30FPS IPS LCD display with a resolution 480 x 480 screen surrounded by 31 RGB LEDs.* The display is fully programmable via iCUE software to display system temperatures, custom images or animated GIFs.


Keep your graphics card on point with the iCUE LINK XG3 RGB HYBRID GPU Liquid Cooling Block, available in three models to ensure near-universal compatibility with a multitude of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40- and 30-series cards, as well as AMD RX 7900 XT. (X). Its hybrid desEsports Extrasdirectly cools the GPU and memory ICs with a split-flow manifold ensuring even distribution of coolant over the copper cold plate, while a dedicated fan also cools the circuit board and VRMs. Illuminated by 18 RGB LEDs, an integrated temperature sensor for precise control, and robust nylon and copper construction, the XG3 RGB HYBRID is a reliable and durable addition to your PC.


For customers who already own an iCUE XG7 RGB GPU liquid cooling brick, a simple RGB GPU adapter will soon be available to allow them to integrate their brick into an iCUE LINK-enabled rig. Future XG7 GPU bricks will support iCUE LINK connectivity out of the box.

To power your next-generation custom cooling system, add the iCUE LINK XD5 RGB ELITE Pump/Reservoir Pack. With the Xylem D5 high-performance pump and a transparent 440ml nylon reservoir illuminated by 22 RGB LEDs, it’s all you need to keep your circuit cooling flowing, and looking truly enviable. The XD5 RGB ELITE uses a rubber mounting system to minimize pump vibration, and includes multiple G1/4″ entry ports for compatibility with various configurations. Like liquid cooling blocks, it incorporates a loop-through sensor that provides real-time coolant temperatures for intelligent control. Later in the year, a version of the XD5 RGB ELITE with an LCD screen will also be available.


Price and availability

The CORSAIR iCUE LINK XC7 RGB ELITE, XG3 RGB HYBRID, XD5 RGB ELITE, iCUE XC7 RGB ELITE LCD, and 4-Way Splitter are now available on the CORSAIR webstore and through the CORSAIR network of authorized retailers and distributors in everyone. The iCUE LINK GPU RGB Adapter is available to pre-order now from the CORSAIR web store and will be available in September.

The iCUE LINK and XD5 RGB ELITE CPU liquid cooling blocks are backed by a three-year warranty, and the XG3 RGB HYBRID and 4-way signal splitter are backed by a two-year warranty, along with service network CORSAIR customer care and technical support services worldwide.

For up-to-date pricing for each iCUE LINK product, please refer to the CORSAIR website or contact your local CORSAIR sales or sales representative.

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