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CORSAIR launches 24 and 48 GB Vengeance DDR5 RAM

CORSAIR It is the first company oriented to the gamer market that announced the launch of DDR5 RAM memory modules from 24 and 48 GB capacity. Specifically, the company debuted these memory configurations with its modules CORSAIR Vengeance. These models are very basic at the desEsports Extraslevel. No RGB LED lighting or eccentricities. If you are looking for RGB, at least you have the variant Vengeance RGB to make up for it.

In essence, CORSAIR is the first manufacturer to announce these memory modules, behind only Micron. Micron was the first company, but of course, something obvious considering that it is who is behind the manufacture of these new chips that allow to launch densities of up to 48 GB of capacity in a single memory module. Of course, Micron offers as a starting module a frequency at 5200MHz, which is not that it is profitable at the performance level. CORSAIR has focused on the 5600MHz.

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CORSAIR memory now comes in kits of up to 96 GB capacity in two modules at 5,600 MHz

CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 24GB

RGB or not, these new DDR5 memory modules from 24 and 48 GB capacity share the same speed 5600MHz with latencies CL40. It should be remembered that these memory modules are currently compatible with all Intel 600 and Intel 700 Series motherboards. That is, for the Intel Alder Lake CPU platform and its predecessor, Raptor Lake. Plug and play natively supporting up to 192 GB capacity total. The AMD Ryzen 7000 are also compatible with these modules. Although for now, no motherboard manufacturer has ruled to offer access to more than 128GB capacity on this platform.

All of these memory modules support On-Chip ECC (ODECC) and are compliant with Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO standards. Bearing in mind that there is not a noticeable loss of performance when using a single module (compared to DDR4), it will be more and more normal to find ourselves with 24 GB memory configurations. With this new generation of games, 16 GB is beginning to fall short. In this way, a new standard would be linked to configurations between 24 and 32 GB of memory RAM.

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These modules are much more interesting in Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX configurations, being able to install a single 24 GB module with prospects of reaching 48 GB if necessary in the future, or directly form a device with 96 GB or 192 GB of RAM in such a size. In other words, create a top-of-the-range professional team in a very small space.

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Availability and price of CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 24GB and 48GB modules

CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 48GB

The first 24GB and 48GB capacity CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 memory modules are only available in China for now. The most curious thing of all, is that they are sold in dual stick configurations and, despite this, the prices are not “expensive” for what we are used to. The Vengeance DDR5 in a configuration of 48GB capacity (24 GB x2) go on sale at a price in exchange for 353 euros. If you want the version with RGB LED lighting, its price increases up to 407 euros.


On the other hand, the configuration of 96GB capacity (48 GB x2) arrive at a price in exchange for 516 euro. If you want RGB LED lighting, the cost already increases up to 543 euros.

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