Counter-Strike 2 appears leaked in the latest NVIDIA drivers

Counter-Strike saga lover, hold on to your chair because the update or remastering that you have been waiting for so long It seems that it is closer than ever and it may be that soon we can finally enjoy of the Source 2 engine in CS:GO.

And it is that the latest drivers released by NVIDIA for your graphics cards (which came to improve performance in Atomic Heart and The Finals) includes the support for two executables hitherto unknown and called “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe” counting on its own profile that we can even find and configure from the NVIDIA Control Panel after installing these drivers (in fact we ourselves have tried to locate them successfully).

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The arrival of this profile and the mention of these executables undoubtedly points to a leak of the highly rumored CS:GO update to bring it to the Source 2 engine and that it could be imminent, something that Valve did a long time ago with DOTA 2 and that fans of this competitive shooter have been waiting a long time. Furthermore, just a few days ago the official profile of Counter-Strike on Twitter he changed his header image… sparking new speculation from fans.

In fact, the changes in the interface and some menus that we have seen in the game during the last years were the first steps to bring CS:GO to Source 2 to improve its graphics or physics, in addition to various changes in the gameplay that will come along with the arrival of a new graphics engine.

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On the other hand, everything that will accompany this expected great update is a mystery and could even come with a name change, with CS:GO becoming simply Counter-Strike that would become a competitive shooter as a permanent service to last over the years, engine changes and improvements included.

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NVIDIA leaks

Is It is not the first time that thanks to NVIDIA we have some interesting leaks in the world of videogames since many of you will remember that leaked image of GeForce Now in 2021 that made reference to PC versions of games like God of War or Returnal that finally ended up reaching our computers.