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Counter-Strike 2: Beta – How to get access?

Counter-Strike 2 is currently running a “limited test phase” on Steam, a kind of beta. But how do you get access? Are there keys or can you just start a download? MeinMMO clarifies.

How to join the Counter-Strike 2 Beta? There is currently no direct route to the new tactical shooter. The developers explain that you choose the testers yourself.


Steam operator Valve presented the factors in a blog:

The Counter-Strike 2 development team selects players based on several factors including (but not limited to) recent play time on official Valve servers, trust factor and Steam account status.

Valve via Steam

So you can’t even get into the test at the moment. We’ll answer more questions about the beta below.


More information about the game can be found in our Info Hub and you can find more about the changes in Counter-Strike 2 in the video:

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Counter-Strike 2 Beta Questions

How do you know if you can play? Start Counter-Strike: Global Offense. In the main menu you will get a message about whether you are admitted to the test.

You can then download CS2 via the message and select “Limited test phase” in the Steam options of the game.


How often are players invited? The blog states that over time, more and more players will gain access to the beta. So always check out CS:GO. However, it does not reveal how many players are invited with each wave or how often invites go out.

How long is the beta? The limited test phase runs until the release of Counter-Strike 2 in summer 2023.

Do you earn XP in the beta? Yes, you will earn XP as usual during the testing period, which will then be transferred to your Counter-Strike account at the appropriate time.


Does the beta run on other operating systems? No, the trial period is for Windows only.

If you have any questions about the beta, you are welcome in the comments section.

At the moment the developers are still relatively stingy with their access and only a few players are allowed on the servers. If anything changes, we’ll update the article accordingly.


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