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Counter-Strike 2’s new smoke grenades impress on Twitch – “Curiously see the pros”

Counter-Strike 2 brings a number of new mechanics to the shooter series, including revamped smoke grenades. Twitch streamer “LIRIK” showed a perfect example of how to use the new feature and players are excited to see what pros will do with the possibilities.

First a few rumours, then the first leak and now it’s clear: Counter-Strike 2 will be released in summer 2023 as an upgrade from CS:GO. The shooter landscape is in turmoil.


There is now a lot of information about the upgrade, we have summarized the most important changes for you here:

The first players are already allowed to gamble. Valve’s developers choose specific people for their exclusive test. Twitch streamer LIRIK, who already knows how to use the new smoke grenades perfectly for himself, will be there. Here the clip:

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What is there to see? The smoke grenades in Counter-Strike 2 react to their environment. If something is in the way, the smoke forms around the object.

In addition, the smoke is quasi “interactive”. You can shoot holes through with the wind of bullets, but grenades also ensure that the smoke dissipates with their shock wave in an explosion.

LIRIK uses this effect for the perfect interaction between enemy smoke, a grenade and a sniper rifle. He sees where the smoke is coming from, throws a frag grenade himself to disperse the smoke, and lands a powerful hit with the AWP.


In the video there is more information about the new smoke:

Counter-Strike 2: Trailer – The New Smoke


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You don’t want to turn the entire Counter-Strike feeling upside down with CS2, but rather bring a breath of fresh air into the dusty shooter with small, pointed changes. There are also technical improvements, such as graphics, netcode and revised maps.

What do players say about this? A thread with almost 2,000 upvotes has formed on Reddit, in which some players exchange views on the new smoke. The mood is positive. Many users have not yet seen the trick and are impressed by the mechanics:

  • LeonThePeon69: “Can you always do that in Counter-Strike? That was sick!”
  • CrueltyFreeViking: “I hope they add a leaf blower to the buy rounds for a reasonable price.”
  • RealBigDicTator: “I’m very excited to see the pros and how they will handle the new smoke mechanic once the game is fully released.”

However, not all users in the Reddit thread are so enthusiastic. There are some comments pointing to the trailer on the mechanics. The trick has already been shown here.

If you want to know more about the new shooter, then check out our info hub on the subject: Counter-Strike 2 – all information, rumors and leaks about the Source 2 successor to CS:GO