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Counter Strike is the protagonist of the largest Twitch donation to date

counter strike is the protagonist of the largest twitch donation

The streamer’s reaction is absolute surprise to receive this donation on Twitch.

Counter Strike is the protagonist of the largest Twitch donation to date
Counter Strike GO is one of the great games in the video game industry

Counter Strike is one of the most played titles worldwide, thus giving rise to many players who decide to give this title a try, not only to play it, but also to stream it, thus giving rise to millions of people in the world who enjoy the video game daily. However, it seems that there is a streamer who has done it more than anyone recently thanks to the donation he has received.


In this case, it’s time to talk about Ohnepixel, a popular streamer specializing in Counter Strike who has received the largest donation in Twitch historybeing so that a user who responds to the name of Server Controller sent the well-known streamer a friend request on Steam along with a 210 articles with a value of €118,246.45almost the price of a current home.

The donation is valued at almost 120,000 euros through different objects and items within Counter Strike

It should be noted that this request was accompanied by Highly coveted items from Counter Strike, such as the LegendsEMS Katowice 2024 decal case whose value is more than US$20,000. On the other hand, it must be said that this act, although altruistic, does not seem to have much impact on this user, since Ohnepixe has stated that the donor would have won 3 million dollars in Counter Strikeso the 210 items sent are, in essence, small change.

Obviously Ohnepixel’s face when receiving this donation is quite obvious, since not many can boast of receiving such a gift in a game that could add pets soon. Be that as it may, you can take a video of the moment this streamer receives the donation below:


With all this said, we are waiting for the next big title in the franchise to be released, and so Counter Strike 2 aims to be one of the great titles of the coming years, whereas it has already been revealed that it has references to Half-Life. With all this said, in case you are interested in playing Counter Strike, remember that it is available on PC. Perhaps with a bit of luck you will receive the same donation one day.

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