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CPU with up to 1.15 GB of L3 cache

Together to the EPYC BergamoAMD announced its new processors EPYC Genoa-X. Specifically, it is the 4th Generation of AMD EPYC processors for servers. The difference with respect to the Genoa CPUs already announced in society, is that these processors make use of the technology 3D V-Cache. Thus, we are facing the successor to the AMD EPYC Milan-X, the first server processors with 3D V-Cache technology.

As for the rest of the specifications of the AMD EPYC Genoa CPUs, they are identical. This implies offering a configuration of up to 96 cores and 192 threads under the high performance architecture AMD Zen 4. This is possible through 4 CCDs with 12 Zen 4 cores inside, along with an I/O die for connectivity. The strong point comes when it comes to talking about the cache, since it offers 2.6 times more cache memory compared to these CPUsand 56% more cache compared to its predecessor.


AMD EPYC Genoa-X Cache Settings


The top-of-the-line AMD EPYC Genoa-X CPU, the EPYC 9684X, features 384MB L3 cache of the DCCs. To this is added 768MB cache from the 3D V-Cache memory. This gives a total of 1.1 GB of L3 cache. To this are added the 96MB memory L2 cache. This is the result 1,248MB cache. There is also 3 MB of L1 cache.

With these data, those numbers come out to offer 2.6 times more cache compared to current AMD EPYC Genoa CPUs. AND 56% more cache compared to its predecessor, the EPYC Milan-X. All chips will have a rated power of 400W and a configurable TDP of up to 320W. These processors are compatible with all current motherboards with the socket AMD SP5.

Performance vs. Intel Sapphire Rapids CPUs

AMD EPYC 9684X vs. Intel Xeon 8490H

Regarding a Xeon 8490H With 60 cores, which is Intel’s top-of-the-line CPU, the EPYC 9684X promises up to 290% more performance. In the worst case, the performance improvement is 220%. The true rival of the EPYC Genoa-X are the CPUs Intel Granite Rapids. They will offer up to 128 high-performance cores. While they won’t offer as much cache, they will integrate up to 64 GB high-bandwidth memory (HBM2e) to speed up these workloads. These CPUs will support 12 channels of DDR5 memory up to 8,000 MHz, and will have a TDP of up to 500W.


AMD EPYC Genoa-X CPUs with 3D V-Cache memory technology are now available to AMD partners. They include Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Lenovo, and Supermicro. On the other hand, microsoft azure You already have the first VMs with these CPUs ready to benefit your customers from the drastic performance improvements.

The company’s most basic CPU is the EPYC 9174F with 16 cores at a Turbo frequency of 4.40 GHz at a price of $3,850. On the other side, the EPYC 9964 with 96 cores up to 3.80 GHz. While pricing was not announced, a slower version, the EPYC 9654 @ 3.70 GHz (-100 MHz) costs $11,805. It must be remembered that the top of the range is the 9684X, which has not yet been listed.


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