Creative Assembly, creators of Total War and Alien Isolation, prepare a new action game

Tom Henry

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Creative Assembly has earned on its own merits a piece of the heart of many “fish tanks” for bringing us the Total War strategy series with which many of us have left half a life, while console gamers will probably remember this studio for Alien: Isolationa notable action, stealth, and horror game that came out in 2014.

Today the studio is once again the protagonist after officially announcing that it is working on a new action game that is being developed by Creative Assembly Sofia and of which they have not yet wanted to give more details and, in fact, they point out that it will be a long time before we can have information about the title.

This action game is about of the fourth title that is developing simultaneously Creative Assembly that is currently also working on another game that they have not wanted to give details, as well as a new installment of Total War and a shooter science fiction multiplayer called hyenas which is scheduled for release next year.

This new action title will join Total War, hyenas and another studio project yet to be announced“, comments Creative Assembly on its official website. “there will be a significant wait before we reveal more details, but we are excited to see the project team take shape and allow our studio in Sofia, Bulgaria to expand.“.

Hyenas, a pack against the millionaires of Mars

At the moment, of the four Creative Assembly projects, hyenas is the one that seems closesta shooter multiplayer in which it seems we are going to take control of a group of thieves called hyenas who will want to try to steal some valuable 90s pop culture memorabilia from the wealthiest citizens of Earth who have moved to Mars.

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