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Crime Boss: Rockay City shines in its new and extensive trailer

Crime Boss: Rockay City was a huge surprise when it was announced at The Game Awards in December. This heist title came out of nowhere, full of participations from big stars who reached their peak a few decades ago such as Michael Madsen, Kim Basinger, Chuck Norris, Danny Glover and Michael Rooker.

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The launch is not far away either, and it is that the 28th March for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Now we get a new trailer titled “New Plans” in which we can follow Michael Madsen’s character taking part in some turf war action scenes with a lot of gameplay.

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We’re hoping it’s a good one, as we love all the big and small screen personalities starring in this adventure (plus, we prefer good games in general, you understand), but we’re still not entirely convinced. What do you think?

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Crime Boss: Rockay City