Cross-play, Seasons and much more

cross play, seasons and much more

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Cross-play, Seasons and much more

It seems that in the new version of the soccer video game, this mode will take the step forward that the fans demanded so much.

EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs: Cross-play, Seasons and much more
Cross-play, Leagues and much more for EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs

Not too much left for the official release of EA Sports FC 24 and from the developer company they start to put everything together. From when the game was available to pre-order until the closed beta was delivered to a few lucky ones, users we have kept ourselves well informed thanks to the company itself.

From EA we have been told about the gameplay updates, with the new styles of play or the renewed types of race at the head. Later, thanks to the trailers that he began to publish, we were able to keep up with the news in each game modeas in Coach Career Mode and Player Career Mode.

We have even met new elements of the king mode, Ultimate Team. The Evolution, the two changes that the Icons have undergone and the new look of the objectives section have come to us from official sources, while we have learned about changes such as the transfer market thanks to leaks.

Even so, EA had left one last thing to share to end your announcement schedule. We are talking about Pro Clubsa mode that many users love and that always has been considered neglected. But now, with the news announced, things can change.

  • New Pro Clubs for EA Sports FC 24
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New Pro Clubs for EA Sports FC 24

As we said, despite the potential of this modality, Ultimate Team has stolen all the limelight in recent years, causing Pro Clubs to remain in the background. Despite this, many fans of the saga have continued to ask for improvements that it seems that they have finally arrived.

Cross-play in Pro Clubs

EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs: Cross-play, Seasons and much more

Finally we will have Cross-play in Pro Clubs

If there is something that we all waited for it was this, the Possibility to play with friends who do not have our same platform. From EA they have once given us the pleasure and now the consoles They have been divided as follows:

  • PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • nintendoswitch

Although some Switch users have shown their discontent, the division is still based on the version of EA Sports FC 24 used by each platform. In the same way that all next gen and old gen players will be together respectivelythose of Nintendo will share the game with the rest of the users who enjoy the same variant.

Club League Season and Playoffs

From EA they have recognized that the current system of divisions becomes something repetitive that with the passing of the months and years gets boring. Therefore, in EA Sports FC 24, we will have a new format that will be divided into seasons.

Each of these seasons, which will have a fixed durationwill be inspired (also the rewards) by what happens in the rest of the game at that time of the year. In addition, it will be made up of three phases.

EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs: Cross-play, Seasons and much more

The league phase will be similar to everything that was so far in Pro Clubs

  • league phase. very similar to what there was so far.
EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs: Cross-play, Seasons and much more

During the promotion phase we can move up the division

  • promotion phase. It will be time for to be able to ascend and climb through the divisions. The objective of this phase is to be able to notice an increase in intensity and emotion between the regular league matches and these. In addition, from what we have been able to learn, there will be special introductions for these games based on the previous result and how far we are going.
EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs: Cross-play, Seasons and much more

Thanks to our results in the Playoffs we will achieve better rewards

  • playoff phase. During this phase we will climb in the table of our division and we will be able to win club rewards. They will be the most important moment of the season and they will arrive when it is ending. A number of matches will be set and with every win (in the event of a tie there will be penalties) the club will move up in this table of the division in which it is located.

Unlike other years, we will not be able to descend. We will only be able to earn points and move up divisions until the end of the season, when everything will reset.

win fans

EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs: Cross-play, Seasons and much more

The fans we have will place us at a certain level of success

Getting great places in the Playoffs, in addition to bringing us rewards, will help our club get fans, who will serve as a reputation gauge to demonstrate the success of our team.

As we gain fans, we can see how our stadium gets bigger, we can customize it more (with tifos and trophies) and our CPU driven players will have better stats and offer higher performance.

Play Styles in Pro Clubs

EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs: Cross-play, Seasons and much more

Game styles will also be present in Pro Clubs

If Playstyles will be present throughout EA Sports FC 24, in Pro Clubs it was not going to be less. We can equip ourselves with these according to the type of player that we want him to be our footballer.

As we play we can unlock more slots to equip more game styles, both normal and plus, coming to have at most (as seen in the trailer) 6 and 2 respectively.


EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs: Cross-play, Seasons and much more

These are some of the examples that they have taught us to customize our stadium in Pro Clubs

Although all this may seem little, we understand that the depth and the dynamic What will Pro Clubs have in EA Sports FC 24? It will far exceed what has been experienced so far.. The feeling that the club is ours will grow thanks to the personalizationand the emotion will be more present thanks to the three phases of each season.

From our point of view, all the news announced yes they can be enough to meet the big demands of all Pro Clubs fans.

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