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CS: GO Professional Player Father appears bare-chested on live webcam


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image via BTS

During the CS:GO_Summit 8 group stage, a player received an unexpected visit from his father and causing the viral Clip of his Webcam during Match. In the group stage of CS_Summit 8, a player received an unexpected visit from his father, which led to the viruediting in recent days. CS:GO is one of the most competitive games on the planet, with many top players. Championships have been held all over the world, and most games are currently held on the Internet due to the coronavirus situation. This has caused unusual situations. For example, as we saw last weekend, the father of a professional player was in the first half. Broke into his room of The official game

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Especially the “affected person is Spongey. He is a player of the American Bad News Bears csgo . He saw his father sneak into his room during the live broadcast of the game. His torso was naked and he was willing to bring him. something. Being able to eat when the meeting is controversial…the community has had a rather ridiculous response, and the short film quickly Go Viral:


About BTS Streamers

Beyond The Summit (BTS) is a Professional streamers website platform that is available on Youtube, Twitch, and also official Websites. Last Night The Father of Steamer came and frightened the streamers and also with no shirt on it. He is half Naked and lols this thing makes the day funny. The BTS also hiring good professional streamers. They make amazing content and a lot of fans follow daily it. The BTS founded in 2013 by loyal gaming communities around the world. They create great content for the players and the BTS Single Month watch time is 1 Billion. IF you like this article just comment to us also visit the Esports Extras website for amazing and Spicy content.

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