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CS:GO 2 would be in development according to leak

CS:GO is a tactical first-person shooter and consists of a confrontation between two “terrorist vs. counter-terrorist” teams. It offers a variety of nine modes in total, the most common of which requires one team to plant a bomb, while the opposing team must stop them.

However, as reported by Dexerto, a recent rumor, it seems that CS:GO 2 could be in development after more than ten years. The rumors come courtesy of a new NVIDIA driver update that contains an executable called “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe.”

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The driver update in question was discovered by Redditor, DAOWAce, who shared the news in a post that generated excitement among fans of the series. Also, Gabe Follower, the content creator of all CS:GO and Valve related news as well as being a talented Source modder, did some digging.

Gabe discovered that the option for “csgos2” appears in all other NVIDIA drivers. Also, this option appeared for the first time in February of this year.
One Twitter user points out that this type of information is not always the most reliable and uses previous leaks related to Titanfall 3 and Crysis 4 as examples.


However, we do know that Crysis 4 is in development. Gabe Follower then responds by highlighting the fact that many games have been leaked in a similar way to the supposed arrival of CS:GO 2.

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