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CS:GO: FBI investigation the match-fixing involving organized gambling groups.



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According to Eurogamer, the FBI and the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) are cooperating to investigate the so-called professional game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”. Organizing Commissioner Ian Smith (Ian Smith) noted that the investigation affected a small group of players who have been organizing games for a long time, in Smith’s words, affected by “outside betting groups.” Smith explained this situation in an interview with Youtuber slash32, “The player is bribed by an outside game group to fix the game, instead of the player doing it himself.” For a long time, (compared to other transactions) it has been more organized. With the intervention of the FBI, Smith explained that they are “cooperating with the police and the FBI, which recently established eSports betting investigation department.” He concluded: “They are good, but they have no experience, because until recently, sports betting had not become a big problem in America, so everyone is looking for their own position in this area. “

ESIC also investigates match-fixing in Australia

ESIC is also investigating similar issues in Australia with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Fixing gambling in that country is illegal. In May last year, the Victoria Police Department’s Sports Integrity Intelligence Department arrested six individuals suspected of engaging in match-fixing activities and made a $ 30,000 profit from gambling. The organization sanctioned 35 CS: GO players in the country earlier this year on the grounds that they violated the anti-match corruption code, even though the code has nothing to do with matching matches. These players receive different penalties and, in some cases, are prohibited from playing professional games for a period of one year to 60 months.

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