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CS:GO turns ten years old with seventeen Majors behind it

We arrived at a very special day for all lovers of shooter of Valve. Today, August 21, 2022, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive turns ten years old. In 2012 came CS:GO to our lives while many players continued to bet on the counter Strike 1.6 Y Source, so the transition was not easy from the start. Despite this, and with much effort on the part of Valve, Global Offensive It was penetrating little by little in the fans until becoming the shooter king and one of the esports most important in the ecosystem. We celebrate this tenth anniversary remembering some of the most important details of the Majors, the great event of the shooter.

Despite CS:GO arrived in 2012, it was not possible to enjoy the first great event with a Major title until November 2013 with the Dream Hack Winter 2013 conquered by fnatic. During these nine years they have disputed a total of seventeen Majorsa figure that could be higher if it were not due to the coronavirus pandemic, a health crisis that canceled the two of 2020 and the first of 2021. It should be noted that in 2014 and 2015 three Majors were held and it was not until 2016 when they began to schedule two annuals.

All CS:GO Majors and their champions // Via Wikipedia

To date, there is a total of eleven different teams that can boast of this victory, ranking who leads Astralis with four and fnatic with three. Thanks to Astralis titles, dev1ce, dupreeh, Xyp9x and gla1ve are the most titled players. On the other hand, NAVI, NIP,, EnVyUs, FaZe, SK, LDLC, Gambit, Luminosity and Cloud9 they are the remaining organizations that know the feeling of being the best team in the world. Nevertheless, Natus Vincere is the only club that has participated in each and every one of the Majors. Likewise, Denmark is the leading country in these great events. The Danish flag has played a leading role in 202 occasions these nine years, classification that continues with Sweden and Russia, 179 and 143 respectively.

The number of spectators of each Major

It can be said, and verified, that the CS:GO it is like good wine. The latest report of leetify shows the number of viewers of the Majors since 2015 and, after a slight decrease in 2018, it is possible to see the considerable increase in viewers. It seems difficult to overcome 2,748,850 spectators of the Stockholm PGL Major 2021, but the last of Ambers also reached the figure of two million. The next Rio Major could be the great stage to break a new record that seems, today, impossible.

Majors Spectators // Via Leetify

USArepresentation in the Majors

A thousand interesting stories could be told about each Major, but we are going to remember the most important for the national scene. Mixwell was the first Spaniard to compete in the great event of the CS:GO at ESL One Cologne 2016, Major that played with an OpTic Gaming eliminated in groups without knowing the victory. In ELEAGUE Atlanta 2017 Mixwell and loWel were present with OpTic and Mousesports respectively, but neither of them made it past the first stage. LoWel participated again in PGL Krakow 2017 and StarLadder Berlin 2019, the latter with HellRaisers.

However, the great moment for the USAscene came at the PGL Major in Stockholm in 2021. Movistar Riders defeated Copenhagen Flames to get into the main event, becoming the first USAorganization to do so. The quintet made up of SunPayus, DeathZz, Dav1g, alex and mopoz joined the national scene CS:GO and was one victory away from moving on to the second phase of the event. This classification was not an illusion, because, a posteriori, it has been possible to verify the historical deeds achieved by the riders.

Movistar Riders at IEM Cologne 2022 / VIA ESL

It’s already been a fantastic ten years Counter Strike: Global Offensivea very important figure and difficult to reach within the ecosystem of esports. The shooter quintessential king is having his best moment in number of events and players, but also in economic benefit. Despite the fact that the national scene is not in a good state of health, we can boast of having, for the first time in history, a completely USAquintet fighting in the great international events of CS:GO. We hope to see them again in a Major soon.

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