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Cult of the Lamb analysis: satanic sects, offended and poop for breakfast

It was the game I was most looking forward to this summer and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously, but Cult of the Lamb has also been one of those titles that end up knowing little. The technical errors when playing it on Switch have been the most negatively notable of an experience to which, after all, the only thing I can blame is not having had a little more ambition.

Under the ever grateful shelter of Return DigitalMassive Monster delivers a fantastic mix of roguelike action and cozy design that, despite its very good intentions, does not finish shining as much as we would have liked.

Cult of the Lamb’s mix of genres

If the holidays have made you come back to Cult of the Lamb and you don’t know anything about him, let me briefly summarize what the story is about. After being sacrificed, a chained deity in the afterlife brings us back to life so that we can fulfill a mission: finish off the rest of the gods and create a sect that guarantees the return of the imprisoned god.

The former is played in true roguelite style. Through dungeons with four different themes we will annihilate enemies, defeat bosses and collect resources on which to build the success of our second objective.

Based on wood, stones, money and flowers we will have to shape a town with beds, altars, farms and churches in which our followers will live while they work for us collecting more means and providing faith points that allow us to grow both in the management branch and in the action and dungeons branch.

Any fan of both genres would have their ass pepsicola with something like that, but in that of “Jack of all trades, master of none“you lose a Cult of the Lamb that, despite its twists and original ideas, it never completely shines in everything it proposes.

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Cult of the Lamb

Notable as a roguelike

Under the simple premise of a main attack, a special attack and the classic dodge of rolling on the ground, Cult of the Lamb set up dungeons full of enemies that are difficult to say no to. It is never a game that is too complex or challenging enough that you don’t want to play one more game and, in the need to get resources and smash final bosses, it mounts a great fun loop.

Advancing in one place ends up meaning that you also do it in the other, so keeping an eye on both aspects quickly becomes essential. Fighting out there will give you materials, unlock new areas to fish or shop in, and allow your sect to continue to grow in adepts.

Instead, taking care of them and giving them shelter and food will allow us to have more and more faith, which will translate into improvements for our town and more options when fighting in the dungeons. Weapons of more category, special powers and some tarot cards that, as a way of perksthey will appear randomly in each new run.

Cult of the Lamb

There may be few drawbacks here in terms of rhythm and desEsports Extrasof scenarios and combat. It’s really good and with very few variations of attacks and enemies, it mounts some very entertaining encounters.

Too bad it doesn’t shine the same as new weapons he means, with a very cheetah axe, two swords that are fine and that’s it, and a hammer slow enough for any encounter to become an absolute torpor. His appearance at the beginning of the dungeon is random, so good luck dodging that last option.

Enough like Animal Crossing

Several points below is everything related to the assembly of the Animal Crossing sect. Its start is very promising, but it deflates quickly and soon most of the improvements stop importing enough to want to spend more time there than necessary.

Cult of the Lamb

Vital and exciting during the first bars, when it reaches the halfway point of the game it begins to repeat itself excessively for not getting followers and structures to matter more to you. The usefulness of most buildings begins to decline, the growth of the sect makes their care more demanding and, although you would appreciate other options to farm exclusive materials, the game insists on dropping building upgrades that you couldn’t care less about. instead of remaining as original as possible.

Between meals with buffs, rituals meant to speed up actions, and small quests that adepts demand, the idea goes from fun to bearable long before any fan of building houses could hope for it. there was room for keep the bar the same high throughout the game based on new buildings and options, but for some reason Cult of the Lamb He decides to say enough.

It’s not that you’re facing a bad experience, mind you, it’s that you easily see to what extent something could improve if the last section seems half-baked. It doesn’t make it any less enjoyable, but it does leave you in that limbo where something you like is also capable of disappointing you a bit.

Cult of the Lamb

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Esports Extras’s opinion

Whether due to sheer lack of ambition or because someone ran out of ideas, Cult of the Lamb It is one of those games for which it is impossible not to ask for a second part that expands and improves everything that has been achieved. It remains, I am afraid, somewhat far from the ball that some of us expected.

That he has been able to surprise with fun and affordable combat, and the always nice practice of feeding plates of poop to any of the followers who are offended by life, is more than enough reason to give it a try, but maybe That is why it hurts us especially that it has fallen a step below what it was aiming to be.


Cult of the Lamb

platforms PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch (reviewed version)
multiplayer Nope
developer Massive Monster
Company Return Digital
Launch August 11, 2022

The best

  • A very original mix of genres
  • The first bars when setting up your sect
  • Well measured and affordable action


  • The variety of weapons and new buildings makes you falter
  • His last stretch becomes somewhat repetitive


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